Frederick County, MD Main Streets Temporary Public Art Project

Frederick County, MD Main Streets Temporary Public Art Project


Call Type Proposals / Public Art
Call Eligibility Regional
Entry Dates 7/3/19, 3:00 PM - 7/12/19, 5:00 PM 95 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Frederick County, MD Main Streets Temporary Public Art Project

United States


The Frederick County Main Street partners (Brunswick, Downtown Frederick, Middletown, Thurmont and New Market) are seeking an Artist/Team to design, fabricate, and install temporary public artworks (to be installed for approximately one year) at each of the five (5) Frederick County Main Streets. One Artist/Team will be selected to provide five (5) temporary public art pieces, one for each of the Main Street sites. These must be five (5) unique public art pieces. The total budget for all five sites is $38,750 (including installation and removal of the artworks after the one year period).

It is expected that the artworks will be displayed in an outdoor location within each of the Main Street districts.

All professional Artists or Artist Teams living or working in Frederick County or within 80 miles of Frederick County are welcome to apply. No travel compensation is available.

The Selection Committee is open to the following types of temporary public art installations.
1) Artworks created and owned by the Artist/Team that will be on temporary loan to each Main Street participant for the duration of the project installation period (one year). Once the year has been completed (and artwork removed), the artwork would revert back to the ownership of the Artist.
2) Site-specific temporary artworks that will be created for each individual site by the Artist/Team. Upon the completion of the one year installation, the Artist/Team must remove the artwork. The Main Street has the right to retain ownership of artwork if desired.

Please Note: Artist/Teams must select one of the two types. All five sites must have the same type of artwork (either on loan or site specific).

The Goals of the Frederick County Main Street Public Art Project are:
1) To highlight both the common threads of the Main Streets (what makes them “Frederick County”) and the uniqueness of each Main Street.
2) To encourage locals and tourists to visit and appreciate the offerings in each of the Main Street sites.
3) To engage dialogue with the community about art and how it can enhance public spaces.

The artworks for the five sites should be thematically linked in a way that is easily identifiable to visitors who may visit the various sites. How the artworks are connected is up to the Artist/Team.

If the selected Artist/Team opts to create site-specific artworks, it is expected that the pieces would reflect each Main Street site.

Any materials/mediums used must conform to local and state (if applicable) regulations specific to the Main Street area. Different mediums may be used at different sites if appropriate. Materials used should be able to withstand outdoor conditions for at least one year without deterioration/degradation.

All artworks must be low or no maintenance (funds are not available for cleaning, electricity or lighting, etc.).

Deadline to apply is July 12, 2019.

For full RFQ and information on how to apply:

Posted on: 7/3/19, 6:34 PM