imagoRevolution | Online exhibition

imagoRevolution | Online exhibition


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Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 3/16/18, 1:35 PM - 12/31/18, 1:35 PM 140 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
imagoRevolution | Online exhibition


“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”
(Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)

Are you an artist?

Choose an aggressive, violent image from the internet, from the news, from your daily newspaper etc., don’t fight it, but transform it into beauty, goodness, justice through your own artistic medium.

Transform the energy of the image you have chosen into another form.

Send a picture of your work to this email address: or fill the super easy online form here:

Specify all your credits (name, title, technique, biography, links and contacts and any comments up to 300 characters).

Call new artists too, because there’s much work to be done!

The catalog will be sent to the United Nations.

Stay tuned for updates:

Posted on: 3/15/18, 1:46 PM