Original Amature Art for Performance

Original Amature Art for Performance


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 6/24/19, 12:00 AM - 7/29/19, 12:00 AM 78 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Original Amature Art for Performance

Chicago 60614 USA


Calling original artists (professional AND amateur) to become a part of RAYMONDO by Annie Siddons, a one-man play performed in unconventional spaces produced by The Cartographers.

About the Play:
After being locked in the cellar by their mother for six long years, Raymondo and his brother Sparky escape with the help of their “cape of ok” (a modest yet wondrous piece of clothing fashioned from the feathers of a pigeon). Once free, the two must navigate a strange, magnificent maze of disappearing cafes, sweatshops, and all you can eat English breakfasts. A vivid landscape of marathon storytelling, cassette-tapes, and pop-up imagery, RAYMONDO transports us to a delightfully grimy world where even the youngest among us can make great things.

RAYMONDO was originally performed by Annie Siddons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to critical acclaim.

About The Cartographers:
We’re bringing plays to people’s living rooms, local galleries, schools & community spaces all over the country. We hope to create work that brings together many people of various artistic disciplines & practices, as well as artists from different backgrounds across the country. RAYMONDO is our flagship project.

Why Contribute?

1. Your images will be the medium through which the audience will envision the world described in the play.

2. We will create an online “map” of artists who have contributed. After the show audiences will have a direct link to your work and your story.

3. You will be credited at each performance. We are also interested in discussing ways to help you sell your work at performances.

4. Your name and your art will take a journey to cities around the country. We’ll keep you posted, so you can come hang out with us, audiences, and other artists. You will be a part of our Cartographers’ family.

How It’ll Work:

Artists will be invited to participate based on a submission process (details below). If we invite you to create images for this play, we’ll send you a short description of the moment or moments in the play for which we would like you to create an image or a piece of art. Whatever you create can be as literal or abstract of a depiction of the events as you want, and is not limited to any style of illustration. The only thing to keep in mind is that the image of your artwork will have to be scanned into a digital file and remain relatively visible/dynamic through a projection. The final image will be projected onstage on a screen no smaller than 2x2ft and no larger than 5x5ft.

How Can I Submit?

Fill out the google form (link listed below) by Sunday, July 14th.

We will announce our decisions by Monday, July 29th.

Link to Google Form:

Posted on: 6/23/19, 5:19 AM