The Poisoner's Garden - Amherst Arts Night

The Poisoner's Garden - Amherst Arts Night


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility Regional
Entry Dates 8/5/19, 12:00 AM - 8/29/19, 11:59 PM 5 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
The Poisoner's Garden - Amherst Arts Night

534 Main St
Amherst 01002 United States


The Bower Studio is hosting monthly art shows as part of Amherst Arts Night. Each show is themed and open to any artist. Priority will be given to emerging artists in Western Massachusetts and to artists from underrepresented groups (queer, people of color, immigrant, etc.) However all artists (even non-local) are strongly encouraged to apply. Accepted works will be displayed in the front room of the shop at 534 Main St in Amherst for the entire month.

This month's theme is The Poisoner's Garden. Any works related to plants, fungi, or even animals that are associated with the darker side of nature. Toxins, poisons, venoms, psychoactives, and more that are associated with powerful medicines, dangerous poisons, witchcraft, occult, dark folklore, etc. Some examples include: Digitalis, Castor bean, Psilocybin, Ergot, Cane Toads, and so on.

See submission page for more details.

Posted on: 8/11/19, 10:13 PM