Artist Website Templates

Artist Website Templates

Below are a listing of just some of the artist website templates that are available to all artists using Portfolio. Simply login to your admin panel to apply (or preview) how each of these templates would look like on your own website.

Each website template comes in the following color variants
template colors

Theme Port Template

Theme Port is the perfect template for artists who want the focus to be on the artwork. It features a left menu which is collapsed by default with a grid style square layout. Without any margins between the artworks, this template has a striking look when viewed fullscreen. It's a perfect 4 column grid on desktop, a 2 column grid on tablet, and single column on mobile.See Theme Port Preview

link artist template desktop
link artist template mobile

Theme Work Template

This artist website template features a left hand menu which is open by deafult. This theme has elegant typography and a very open feel. The template features 2 colums of portoflio works displayed in a large format on both desktop and tablet view, with a single column of images on mobile view. It has an elegant animation on the hover state for the gallery and artwork thumbnails. Subtle animations are used throughout this website template to help bring the artist artworks to life!See Theme Work Preview

link artist template desktop
link artist template mobile

Theme Link Template

Theme Link is a theme which features a gallery layout in the masonry style. This artist template also features a large backsplash image for a highly visual viewing experience. With large bold typography, elegant white space, and subtle animations used through, Theme Link is for the bold. This template features a right-based menu which is off-canvas by default, leaving the entire artist website dedicated to the visuals and artwork. See Theme Link Preview

link artist template desktop
link artist template mobile

Theme Create Template

Theme creative is a classic theme. It features a left-based sidebar and a right container, both of which are fluid in nature. This website template features a masonry style grid layout for both galleries and artworks. The left sidebar collapses to an off-canvas menu on mobile devices. With the left sidebar the prominent feature of this template is the galleries and artworks. This artist website template is an excellent choice and is our default theme.See Template Creative Preview

creative artist template desktop
creative artist template mobile

Theme Instant Template

Theme instant features a large backsplash area where the user can feature any artwork. This template features a grid-style layout with equal height and width thumbnails for a beautiful columnar look and feel to your galleries and artwork. The menu collapses down on mobile view and features an overlay drop-down style. The menu sits on top of the backsplash image maximizing the images impact. Artists can't go wrong with this template as elegant grid and beautiful caps typography help ensure maximum visual impact.See Instant Link Preview

instant artist template desktop
instant artist template mobile

Theme Velocity Template

Theme velocity is a variant of the very same style that is used on Portfolio's main website. This theme is an elegant e-commerce style theme, which features a traditional top navigation. On mobile view the menu collapses down with the toggle displaying in the upper-right hand corner. When toggled an animatmion pushes the menu and content down. The theme features a grid-style layout for artwork and galleries. Beautiful gradients are overlaid on top of the backsplash image to create a cohesive color scheme throughout.View Template Velocity Preview

velocity artist template desktop
velocity artist template mobile

Theme Casual Template

Theme Casual is an elegent semi transparent fixed-width centered based layout. The theme features a large full screen backsplash image that is underlaid throughout the entire site. The artist template features a transparent background for the content area and is fully responsive and mobile ready.See Theme Casual Preview

casual artist template desktop
casual artist template mobile