Version 5.1

  • Released 10/30/22
  • New built-in submission fields of: Date of Birth, Date Created, Artist Statement (allows rich text), Artist CV (allows rich text), Artist Biography (allows rich text)
  • Ability for public artwork purchasing directly from 'detail view' (qr) of entries
  • Calls that have the 'location' page enabled are now listed on our shows page:
  • Added search by user 'full name' (in addition to first or last) to search pages
  • Added 'show submissions' option on participating artists profile view to show submissions on their public call profile page
  • Ability to search public voters by name, delete votes
  • Added user name to submission info on buyer purchase receipts
  • Ability to set submissions filter (only juried in or out etc.) for Attendant user
  • Added booth stats page to show how many booths & booth add-ons are requested
  • Doubled booth add-ons from 3 to 6
  • Subcategory dropdown requires explicit choice rather than defaulting to first subcategory of parent category
  • Allow audio / video upload for portfolio site artwork images
  • New built in public awards page with automatic awards slideshow
  • Ability to add custom filenames with dynamic variable keys for all image download actions
  • Added new 'simple' jury mode with in/alt/out buttons
  • Jurying now only requires a single click on stars (or new simply jury buttons) to set jury votes (replaces the the old 'submit jury rating' button)
  • Added up to 6 jury rounds, Jury rounds are now separate from jury status (in/out/alt)
  • Ability to mass jury in all submissions (even those without votes)
  • Ability to mass reset jury statuses
  • Ability to select which jury rounds (in conjunction with which jury statuses) appear on web gallery
  • Ability to mark jury status by clamping of submission ID's (if using the advanced jury upper and lower submission ID limit permissions)
  • Ability to view jury estimator tool by clamping of submission ID's (if using the advanced jury upper and lower submission ID limit permissions)
  • Ability to let users sort the web gallery by: Sale Price, Height, Width, Weight of submissions
  • Support ticket history from all calls can be viewed on Master Site
  • New 'new user tutorial' video which can be replaced on your existing sites as needed:

Version 5.0

  • Released 05/05/22
  • New Uploader with full image editing / cropping capabilities
  • New Uploader supports much larger file size and image dimensions (most upload size constraints will be removed)
  • New Page Layout Editor which has is full WYSIWYG allowing for more complex layouts and style controls
  • New Email Template Editor which allow for easy addition of placeholders as well as basic text formatting (bold, italics, tables, etc.)
  • Public Voting (artist & general public) no longer requires Facebook authentication. An account will be required instead, allowing anybody to vote
  • Ability to randomize submissions order for public voters during voting period on web gallery
  • Rich text editing for user bio/vitae field
  • New awards slideshow settings and viewing with exportable PDF (with Chrome Browser) for offline viewing
  • Ability to view jury in/out email notification sending statistics (going forward from this release)
  • Increased session limit from 25 to 45 minutes for submission form
  • New call site theme with larger sidebar, more responsive content areas
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements throughout

Version 4.6

  • Released 05/17/21
  • Shipping Module (beta) - auto created shipping labels, tracking numbers, insurance & more for both public web gallery selling & managed attendant selling
  • Auto generate certificates for Awards with 3 design variants and certificate customizations
  • Ability to issue partial refunds for submission payments
  • Added booth map location, id, & booth info to 'print label' for festival/fair call types
  • Ability to have multiple admin roles (admin,judge,juror,attendant) for a single admin email account
  • Ability to send custom welcome email to (admin,judge,juror,attendant) users upon creation.
  • Ability to add custom sort order to awards
  • Added optional 'weight' built-in submission field -- required for shipping module
  • Added customizable 'unit' setting for length & weight for either imperial or metric units
  • Added embedding of video/audio/linked resources in Public Web Gallery
  • Added embedding of video/audio/linked resources in admin/juror views
  • Added ability to show sub-categories in web gallery
  • Ability to add category and sub-category on web gallery detail view page

Version 4.5

  • Released 10/22/20
  • Added 3D Gallery Designer feature with built in wall and gallery layout design tools, all in real 3D views with artwork to scale.
  • Added ability for direct to consumer artwork selling via the web gallery (beta)
  • Submission tagging feature with ability to filter submissions by tag
  • Widgets - Easily embed web gallery page, participating artist page, etc. on your own website
  • Ability to filter by tag on web gallery, show display tags on web gallery, show sold status on web gallery, search by artist name on web gallery
  • Detail view template updates, ability to show tags on detail view, sold status on detail view, thumbnail proportion fix
  • Ability to change sort order of custom fields
  • Added built in "I Agree" to terms button on submission page, which is required.
  • Added new 'status' sort options on Submissions view (No Attachments, Returned to User, Email Send Failure, etc.)
  • New check-in & check-out email templates sent when checking in and out submissions
  • Ability to add condition notes on check-in, check-out
  • Split Submissions Export dimensions column into width, height, depth columns
  • Search payments by user name, email
  • Master Site Galleries now display using the same layout/settings as set in the individual call site
  • Many small theme, workflow enhancements, & bug fixes


Version 4.4

General Features

  • Released 2/26/20
  • Ability to have User Agreements only be required of 'Juried In' Users
  • Added back artwork buying/selling ability directly in individual call sites (requires Master Site)
  • Jury ratings no longer require entire page refresh, images column now shows next to rating stars allowing for much quicker jurying
  • Allow juror users to search by ID, name
  • New Social Media Share upload for specifying which call image is shared with social media sharing settings
  • Upload EXIF data moved from submission details to popover under image thumbnail
  • Added new "Entrants Only" public voting for 'Artist Choice' style awards & voting

Festival Call Type Features

  • Ability to have users self-claim booth map positions
  • Booth map locations are now saved ported to new calls for Festival type calls
  • Booth map reservation notices are now added to 'pending actions' items for entrants, alerting them of need to reserve map location after successful booth payment
  • Updated Booth map page with vendor information and booth map location auto-highlighting

Version 4.3

  • Released 09/06/19
  • Added call eligibility field (for easier searching on open calls page)
  • Ability to filter users by one-time payment on Registered Users view
  • Ability to show juror notes to Users
  • Jury scorecard criteria descriptions now viewable to Juror users
  • New Social Sharing Setting - Allows users to post to facebook that they've entered your call following a submission confirmation or public vote
  • New link in call admin panel to easily switch & create new calls
  • Allow all users to show on participating artists page
  • Ability to show user biography on participating artists pages
  • Allow web gallery to show 'pending jury' submissions.
  • Ability to add profile images on detail view page

Version 4.2

We've released Version 4.2 which has the following features and updates.

  • Released 04/10/2019
  • Rename "Registration Fee" to "One-Time Fee"  and "Submission Fee" to "Per-Submission" fee for better clarification between the two types
  • Re-worked User Registration workflow into 2 step process to help eliminate user errors
    • Users now register with their basic profile information for your call (email, password, etc).  They are then logged into your call where they'll update any 'custom profile' information.  User registration fees are no longer captured at this registration point, but rather upon clicking the 'add new submission' button.
  • New "My Jury Stats" view in Juror sidebar allowing jurors to see quick statistics about their voting averages & totals per category
  • New "Jury Estimator Tool" in Juror sidebar allowing jurors the same functionality as the "Admin -> Jury Estimator Tool"
  • Added physical "Checkout Out / Checked In" totals on Admin Dashboard page
  • Added ability for users to print entry fee receipts
  • Added Google Tag manager ID option
  • Enhancements to 'participating artists' page
  • Posting call image/logo alongside details to our social media pages
  • Posting all calls to our new Instagram account (@artcalls)
  • Many other theme enhancements and bug fixes

Version 4.1

Version 4.1 is hot off the press, with all current live and demo calls upgraded to this version.  Here's the list of new features:

  • Released 01/16/2019
  • New 'judge' user type with ability to view juried-in works, favorite works, and assign awards to submissions
  • New 'Support Ticket' system for call admins to interface with support via the admin panel
  • Track tickets, reply to tickets, request features, etc.
  • New optional 'Support Tickets' for call admins to interface with users/entrants
  • Added global user profile images (user no longer need to upload profile images for each call)
  • Added global user social profile fields (allow users to specify: twitter, facebook, Instagram, linked in, and personal website) fields
  • New ORG site theme (more in-line with current call admin theme)
  • New ORG site "Event" type of free (users don't need to add any credit card details to register for free events)
  • New ORG site print receipt option (with ORG logo) on all artwork purchases
  • New ORG detailed buyer view with global buyers allowing admins to view purchases across all calls for single buyers


Version 4.0

  • Released 11/14/2018
  • Brand new web gallery template & options with large thumbnails and fully responsive template
  • Ability to order submissions in web gallery
  • Ability to customize which user / submission information appears under web gallery thumbnails
  • Masonry style web gallery layout
  • Ability for end users to filter web gallery by category
  • Ability to public vote on submission detail view page
  • Ability to add custom text to web gallery
  • Search filter on open calls for entry page
  • Duplicate back label instructions onto 'claim ticket' portion
  • Ability to specifiy state on Call Settings
  • New Judging workflow to easily award submissions (under Awards tab)
  • Ability to set a award value field for an award
  • Ability to limit number of submissions receiving a specific award
  • Several small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.9

  • Released 03/31/2018
  • New frontend & backend theme
  • New custom field type Date (allows for date selection fields by month/day/year in common format)
  • New custom field options Limits (allows for max or min characters on custom fields)
  • Ability to sort Users by # of submissions (allows for seeing users without any entries)
  • Buying/Selling moving to ORG Sites
  • Org Sites - Mass email users across all calls
  • Org Sites - Selling of multiple artworks in a single transaction (cart style)
  • Org Sites - Single buyer information across all calls allowing your to track indefintely which buyers have purchased artworks
  • Org Sites - Membership management updates including public members profiles?

Version 3.8

  • Released 11/01/2017
  •  Make user agreements optional to view by Jurors
  • Updated user submission page with popover prompt if they are have pending or missing items (missing images, missing agreements, pending booth payments etc)
  • Ability to hide specific user fields from jurors
  • Added submission and user info to buyer purchase email receipt
  • Added ability to print buyer purchase receipts
  • Ability to do 2 jury rounds
  • Added file browser to pages edit page
  • Ability to order printed display tags by several criteria
  • Added fee name to payment data export
  • Auto add back the "submission credit" when a user deletes a submission if the call has multi-pay enabled.
  • Add Customers which stores a users credit card making it easy to do future payments and re-bill users.

Version 3.7

  • Released 07/15/2017
  •  User Agreements.  Admin users can create user agreement PDF's that individual users must download, fill-out, and re-submit.

Version 3.6

  • Released 02/20/2017
  • Ability to run public voting contest on web-gallery via Facebook authentication
  • Added 'Juried Alternate' designation and email template
  • Create customized Booth Maps with publicly viewable interactive Booth Map option
  • Ability to add optional 'addons' to Booths with associated pricing
  • Added 2 new mass email groups
    • Ability to mass email all users that don't have a submission
    • Ability to mass email all users with submissions that don't have an image
  • Separated buyer from user payment exports
  • Added 'Total Purchased Amount' column in buyer view
  • Added individual item purchased amounts in buyer view
  • Allow 'address line 2' to be empty?

Version 3.5

  • Released 01/25/2017
  • New print master view
  • Ability to mark submissions as 'Checked Out' for tracking artwork pickup
  • Icon notification of jury email delivery failure.
  • Decreased % transaction charge on 'buyer purchases'
  • Ability to add organization Facebook and Twitter links to menu
  • Ability to get notified of submissions/registaritons on any call type
  • Ability to upload an organization 'logo', which is used on our open calls for entry page

Version 3.4

  • Released 12/19/2016
  • Auto Awards Slideshow
  • Signature Waivers
  • User Profile Image Uploads
  • Booth Map Generator (to scale)
  • First & Last pagination links on submissions & users views
  • Choose which fields appear in web gallery title?

Version 3.3

  • Released 08/10/2016
  • Admin user can add users and new submissions for users after regardless of submission timeframe.
  • Ability to search by email or name on users view
  • Rename 'Media / Mediums' to 'Sub Category / Sub Categories'
  • Jury Scorecard (with unlimited scorecard criteria)
  • Pricing tiers for discounts after initial x entries (allows for scenarious of: 3 submissions for $35, each subsequent submission = $15)
  • Limit file types allowed for attachments
  • Print Select Display Tags
  • Coupon codes limited to either submission, registration, or booth
  • Wholesale transaction fee rate on Booth Fees & Buyer Purchases
  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes

Version 3.2

  • Released 05/5/2016
  • Allow admins to 'add' submissions to user accounts and also 'create' user accounts even after cut-off end date
  • 'Continous' mode for artcalls, where there isn't a set submission open and end date.  
  • Admin jury view (sort juries and see notes and such)

Version 3.1

  • Released 03/19/2016
  • Email Template Preview
  • Ability to manually send or resend individual jury notification emails
  • Language Support (Spanish)
  • Easy upgrade tier action
  • New Single View Jury Mode
  • New Notes View Jury View

Version 3.0

  • Released 01/29/2016
  • Ability to accept .doc/.docx submission attachment file types
  • Ability to add additional 'Admin' users if needed
  • Ability to add half-star ratings to juror voting
  • Enhancements to 'Selling' artwork portals
  • Ability to add custom instructions on the 'add attachments' page
  • Ability to mass mark 'Hide From Jurors' on submissions
  • Ability to mass mark 'Pending Jury' on submissions
  • Added links to video/audio/pdf files on Web Gallery Page
  • Ability to randomize submission order for jurors
  • Added 'Buyers' view to see buyer data and associated submission purchases.
  • Ability to choose which attachment is 'featured' for web gallery, receipt print, and more info views
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9

  • Released 09/15/2015
  • Manage and track Buyers
  • Added ability for Attendant Users to 'Sell' submissions complete with Buyer information
  • Ability to purchase submissions with credit card directly through portal, or take cash/check payments for purchases
  • View Buyers information and purchase information for submissions
  • New Export Data Page with complete data export & download (Submission data, User data, Payment data, Jury data, Buyer data, Image Data)
  • Increased custom submission fields allotted from 5 to 10
  • Increased custom registration fields allotted from 5 to 10
  • Many small ehancements such as (click anywhere to dismiss a 'more info' popover on submissions view)
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8

  • Released 07/12/2015
  • Login as User feature
  • Mass email your users
  • Ability to hide any Submission field (even custom fields) from Jurors
  • Added QR code to submission receipt pages
  • Added ability to Delete users
  • Ability to scan QR code on print receipts to mark submissions as received (available while logged in as Attendant User)
  • Ability to mark submissions as 'Hide From Jury'
  • Added 'Art Exhibition' call type
  • Increased maximum attachments per application to 10 (or less if defined) for 'Art Festival' and 'Art Exhibition' call types

Version 2.7

  • Released 05/27/2015
  • Added Coupons.  Ability to add coupon codes to your calls fees for special members only discounts or 100% off coupons for in-person, check, or pre-paid users.
  • Added Automatic Certificate PDF generation.  Genereate certificates from your awarded submissions for easy printing
  •  Many minor enhacements and feature requests.
  • Added a 'Company/Organization' User Registration Field
  • Awarded Submissions View.  Easily see which submissions have been assigned an award.

Version 2.6

  • Released 04/28/2015
  • Added ability to customize the heading background color and border (away from the default blue)
  • Added 2 new call types: Art Festival, Art Exhibition
  • Added 'booths' feature to Art Festival Applications
  • When logged in as Admin, sidebar will always be gray regardless of theme settings
  • Brand new beautiful html email templates for notification emails
  • Increased video, audio, & PDF file formats max upload size from 4mb to 25mb
  • Submission attachment filenames are now pre-pended with the display ID
  • Added several local currencies, allowing for international calls to specify call fees in their own currency.
  • Allow editing of notified status on submissions
  • Auto embed of youtube, vimeo and other providers web urls into submissions view
  • Added ability to de-activate user accounts
  • Jurors cannot edit nor add new jurys after jury end date

Version 2.5

  • Released 02/26/2015
  • Added ability to upload Audio files to submissions
  • Added ability to upload Video files to submissions
  • Added ability to upload PDF files to submissions
  • Removed "GIF" as a valid image upload file format
  • Renamed the 'Add Images' action to 'Add Attachments' to allow for multiple file types other than images
  • Added 'Average Jury Score' to data export
  • Added ability to accept arbitrary user payments
  • Fixed theme display when custom fields contained too many characters in several spots
  • Added new 'Jury Stats' view, to see average and total votes per category for each juror.
  • Added 'Jury Estimator Tool' for quickly assigning values to categories to get estimations on how many submissions are above various thresholds per category.
  • Many minor theme enhancements and clarifications

Version 2.4

  • Released 01/05/2015
  • Added 'More Info' view with QR Code Scanning View
  • Added 'More Info' link to web gallery
  • Option to generate QR code images option on Display Tag printing view
  • Added ability for admins to change users email address (login name)
  • Added average jury score to exported data
  • Preliminary "login as user" scaffolding for admins
  • Theme improvements & fixes

Version 2.3

  • Released 12/15/2014
  • Add Jury Star Rating customization.  (You can now choose how many stars for your calls Jury rankings)    
  • Customize the value of a 'minimun' image upload size, 
  • Customize how many images can be attached to a submission (1,2, or 3)
  • Customize the 'print size' resize value

Version 2.2

  • Released 11/16/2014
  • Enhanced call archives, allowing for viewing multiple call archives without disrupting your current call.
  • NEW Exhibit Display Tag customization.
  • NEW Limit jury users to specific categories.
  • Many Theme/settings improvements

Version 2.1

  • Released 10/03/2014
  • Ability to set your Timezone (All dates and deadline are then reflected/enforced in the timezone)
  • Ability to set tiered pricing for Submission Fee!
  • Ability to set tiered pricing for Registration Fee (Ex: Member vs non-member pricing)!
  • MultiPay (Prepayment for multiple submissions) new feature added!
  • Enhanced theme settings
  • Fixed display of large text field data (such as artist statement or resume)
  • Enhanced custom registration fields displays

Version 2.0 

  • Released 7/14/2014
  • Added ability to customize custom field types (Radio buttons, Dropdown Menus, Checkboxes, Textareas)  See the video tutorial inside of the admin panel or your demo call to see how these powerful new custom fields work
  • Added Ability to embed call's website into an existing website (This feature is in beta, and enables you to run your entire call from an already existing website!
  • Increased custom submission fields to 5 (up from 3)
  • Added new 'transparent' custom background image (useful when embedding)
  • Added unique token id on submission 'print receipt' page
  • Added 'add images' button to user submission page (allows users to add images to their submissions at any time)
  • Fixed payment for JS disabled message
  • Added Export Images Action (request an .zip export of all of your calls entry images)

Version 1.9

  • Released 5/29/2014
  • Added "Rejected" status/ability to submissions (you can reject a submission, and it will email the user with a notification, allowing them to modify/fix details and then re-enter the submission)
  • Changed Logged in buttons, with quick link to the submissions
  • Added basic theme customization ability (you can change the background image, sidebar background color, change heading and text colors in the sidebar and content areas, and upload your own css sheet if you're brave.)
  • Added ability to change text color and text highlight color for pages and sidebar content.
  • Fixed user profile update
  • Many theme enhancements
  • Few bug fixes

Version 1.8

  • Released 3/04/2014
  • Added search by email for submissions
  • Added lightbox on photo viewing
  • Added 'Tools' tab
  • Added report/notice for submissions without images (under tools tab)
  • Updated location page google maps
  • Added export payments option (on the payments page)
  • Added manually adding juror/attendant users (under tools tab)
  • Updated theme with many improvements
  • Moved sidebar edit/preview to it's own submenu

Version 1.7

  • Released 2/10/2014
  • Added 'country' to Optional User Registration Fields
  • Added 'days countdown' to user submission page
  • Added PDF uploads to 'Page Uploads' page.
  • Allow jurors to 'update' votes/notes on already voted submissions
  • Allow Receipt Page customization

Version 1.6

  • Released 1/29/2014
  • User Image Delete ability
  • User Submission Edit ability
  • User Profile Edit ability
  • Hide media, when subcategories are not in use.
  • Many theme improvements & bug fixes

Version 1.5

  • Released 12/20/2013
  • Client payment refunds
  • Refund notification email & status key
  • Stripe integration
  • New user role 'attendant'
  • Mark submissions as 'received' -- meaning physically received
  • Recieved status key
  • Public web gallery view -- public web gallery on your site mobile/tablet/touch friendly.
  • Keyword submission search -- search by client name, submission id, submission title
  • Revamped 'Print name tag' feature -- best if used with FireFox.

Version 1.4

  • Released 10/18/2013
  • Revamped Jury System
  • Jury rating 1-5  instead of in/out
  • Added Jury notes
  • Allow for multiple images per submission
  • Revamped notification system
  • Print Name Tag view
  • Show Image Exif data if avaiable on submission images
  • Option to show/hide submission jury averages/history

Version 1.3

  • Release Date 01/20/2012
  • Bug fixes
  • Theme improvements
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Added Jury History

Version 1.2

  • Releaste Date 05/20/2011
  • Custom page creation
  • Image uploads for custom pages
  • User Submission/Registration Payments

Version 1.1

  • Release Date 09/10/2010
  • Added Jury Users
  • Added Print Receipts View

Version 1.0

  • Release Date: 01/15/2010
  • Initial Release