Version 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 Released

We've just released an update, which brings us to version 1.6.  This release is primarily an improvement and bug fix update.  We did manage to slip in three new features, which have been requested by a few of our users.  We'll quickly overview what is new.

1) Image deleting ability

Now that our system allows for multiple images per entry, we saw the need to allow users the ability to delete images they had uploaded to a submission without deleting the entire submission.  This will make it easier for call managers to not have to issue refunds when submission fees are involved in the art call.  If for whatever reason, a user submits an entry but doesn't upload an image, they can head to their submission dashboard and an 'add images' button will appear next to all submissions that don't have an image attached.  

This feature is only available to end users, as admin users cannot delete images from user submissions.  This feature is also only available during the submission timeframe.  Once the 'submission end date' that the call administrator has set up has passed, users won't be able to delete or modify any images.

2) Submission Editing

We've also added the ability for users to be able to edit their own submission details.  If a user accidentally uploaded the title with a typo, or something similar, they can edit the submission details.  They can also change the category their submission was entered in.  As with deleting of images, users will only be able to edit submission details during the submission timeframe.  Once the end date has passed, they cannot edit any entry details.

3) Profile Editing

As with the previous two features, users can now edit their 'profile' during the submission timeframe.  Their profile is any data that was required by the call administrator upon registering an account.  Once the submission end date has passed, they will no longer be able to edit profile details.


These features are aimed at relieving some of the burden that call administrators previously were taxed with, and shifts the responsibility to manage/edit/update submissions to the users themselves.  Hopefully it'll make managing your call a bit easier.  There are many slight theme improvements and bug fixes under the hood, but you shouldn't notice any difference with these.