Festival Management Software

Festival Management Software Features for Arts & Craft Fairs


Festivals, fairs, craft shows, and other event types can leverage ArtCall.org's 'festival' call type. In addition to the full set of features available for standard calls, festival type calls enjoy additional features specific to event management such as: booth registration booth payment system, booth map generator, and interactive public booth map and more.

Event Management Software Overview

multiple attachments

Up to 10 uploads per application

Each application entered into your art festival can have multiple media attachments. Entrants can also add a 'booth photo' showcasing their booth presentation

  • Large, Medium, Thumbnail sizes
  • Multiple Media Types
  • jpg, png, mov, mp3, pdf
  • Limit number of images per entry
booth selection

Online Booth Payments

Set up your booth types (art, performance, food) and accept online booth fee payments

  • Unique pricing per booth type
  • Up to 6 optional booth addons per booth
  • Accept booth payments online (post application acceptance)
  • Mass email users requiring booth payment
booth map generator

Booth Map Generator

Automatically create a booth map overlaid on a Google Maps with booths to scale

  • Works for both outdoor and indoor areas
  • Fully customizable placement
  • Rotate Booths Orientation
  • Create public Interactive Booth Map
booth options

Automatic Checkin

Checkin your registrants with QR code scanning

  • Scan QR code to checkin booth ownsers
  • Check payment status
  • Accept online booth payments
  • Generate and assign booth maps