Call for Entry Management

Marketing, Promotion, & Entry

Phase 1: Readying your call for entry and accepting entries into your call.'s entry management software provides each call with the tools to fully manage each step of the entry process.

call for entry website submission settings process entry fees image thumbnails

Dedicated Call Website

Get a unique customizable call site with built-in & customizable pages for quick and easy setup.

  • Unique call domain name
  • Customizable theme, color, & branding
  • Create new calls with a single click

Promotion & Marketing

With nearly 100k registered artists, get your call in front of a system artists love and trust.

  • Free listing on Open Calls page
  • Free listing social media
  • Search engine optimized call site

User Friendly Entry Process

Ease of use for Artists, Jurors, & Admins alike!

  • Capture user data you need
  • Customize entry form
  • Images, Videos, PDF's, Audio & more

Payments & Email

Easily accept & process entry fees alongside custom email templates for receipts and entry confirmation.

  • Single or Multi-tiered fee structure
  • One-time or per-submission fees
  • 5 unique fully customizable email templates

Adjudication, Jurying, & Voting

Phase 2: Entries all submitted? Time to adjudicate through a simple yet robust jurying system. Create additional buzz via public voting (anyone) and artist voting (entrants) in addition to the private jurying system & process

Adjudicate Entries

Grant your jurors access with simple yet powerful jurying tools.

  • Add as many juror users as needed
  • Simple star rating system with optional scorecard criteria
  • Single or two round jury

Mark Juried Status

Jury in or out entries based on custom criteria from juror pool.

  • Jury in, out, and alternate
  • Mass jury features above voting threshold values
  • Jury estimator tool for voting overview

Public Voting

Create additional buzz and excitement with public voting.

  • Allow public to vote on built-in Web Gallery
  • Limit # of vote allowed
  • Social Media sharing for artists

Artist Voting

Let the entrants vote on 'Artist's Choice' award.

  • Custom time-frame for voting
  • No self-votes allowed
Jury Ratings Jury Estimator Tool Juried Status

Showcase, Purchasing, Awards

Phase 3: Showcase your call with built-in public web gallery or use our interactive 3D gallery designer, auto display tag generation, check-in / check-out process, & more to help organizing a physical show. Sell artwork and manage buyers right from within your call site!

artist web gallery 3d gallery designer print hang tags

Web Gallery

One-click publishing of your show for online viewing with associated 'participating artists' page.

  • Built-in auto generated web gallery
  • Embed gallery on existing website
  • Sell artwork right from the web gallery

Hang a Show

Printable back-labels for easy artwork reference for physical shows. Generate & print display tags with customize design and information.

  • QR Code scan for check-in / check-out
  • Display tag generation
  • Awards reception slideshow creation

3D Gallery Designer

Visualize & hang your show in 3D!

  • Custom floor plan
  • Hang actual artwork to scale
  • Walk-through in 3D


Setup awards and prizes.

  • Add judge user for awarding artworks
  • Display award on Web Gallery
  • Auto generate & print award certificates

And so much more's call for entry management software is much more than just an entry system, but a full-featured application software to manage the entire call pre, live, and post process.

See a more comprehensive list of features via our regular version release update notes