Version 1.7 Released

We've just pushed version 1.7 which brings a few enhancements to the various views, along with one major feature request.

We've added a 'Customizations' tab to the admin menu where we'll be adding various customiztions that can be made to the system.  The first feature has been requested by several users and features the ability to customize the 'Receipt' Page.   You can now customize which fields show up on the page, turn on and off each major section of the page, or disable the entire 'Receipt Page' alltogether.  

Here's a quick list of what's been updated:

  • Added 'country' to Optional User Registration Fields
  • Added 'days countdown' to user submission page
  • Added PDF uploads to 'Page Uploads' page.
  • Allow jurors to 'update' votes/notes on already voted submissions
  • Allow Receipt Page customization

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