Version 1.8 Released

We've released version 1.8 of our art submission system software.  This version brings many new theme improvements and enhacements which expand on an already great and simple user experience.  We strive to have a system which is both easy to use and understand both show administrators as well as participating artists.

The update adds some contrast to menus and important actions items and buttons as well as form elements.  As usual, we've also added a few user requested features too!  Here is a short list of the changes and additions

  •     Version 1.8
  •     Added search by 'email' for submissions
  •     Added lightbox on photo thumbnail for quicker easier viewing/jurying
  •     Added 'Tools' tab
  •     Added report tab for submissions without images (under tools tab)
  •     Updated location page google maps (should auto find addresses much easier)
  •     Added export payments as CSV option (on the payments page)
  •     Added manually adding juror/attendant users (under tools tab)
  •     Updated theme with many UI/UX improvements and smaller CSS footprint.
  •     Moved sidebar edit/preview to it's own submenu

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