Version 3.8 Released

We've released version 3.8, which brings several major features.  Here is the shortlist of features, but scroll down to get a more detailed explanation about some of the more major features and changes.


- Make user agreements optional to view by Jurors
- Updated user submission page with popover prompt if they are have pending or missing items (missing images, missing agreements, pending booth payments etc)
- Ability to hide specific user fields from jurors
- Added submission and user info to buyer purchase email receipt
- Added ability to print buyer purchase receipts
- Ability to do 2 jury rounds
- Added file browser to pages edit page
- Ability to order printed display tags by several criteria
- Added fee name to payment data export
- Auto add back the "submission credit" when a user deletes a submission if the call has multi-pay enabled.
- Add Customers which stores a users credit card making it easy to do future payments and re-bill users.

Multi-round Jury

We've added a second round of jurying due to several feature requests.  Multiple round jurying allows calls to do a more advanced jurying where they pass entries into an 'Advanced' round and then re-jury that pool for final jury status.  The final status of all submissions (whether in round 1 or the advanced round) should be "Juried In", "Juried Out", or "Juried Alternate".


User payment information (if a call has fees) is now stored in an encrypted format with PCI compliant methods.  This makes is much easier for  users who apply to multiple calls within the same organization, as their payment information will be stored and no need for re-entry of payment details is required (unless the user wishes to update or change their billing information).  This information is stored per organization, so a user is not required to re-enter billing details for subsequent entries or entries on subsequent calls!

This feature also paves the way for a few things we have in the works such as the ability for calls to re-bill clients, and for calls to opt into our future membership management features for auto-billing of fees and membership dues.

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