Version 2.7 Released

Version 2.7 Released

We've released version 2.7 of!  This release only features a few enhancements, but they are significant. Here is the shortlist:
  • - Added Coupons.  Ability to add coupon codes to your calls fees for special members only discounts or 100% off coupons for in-person, check, or pre-paid users.
  • - Added Automatic Certificate PDF generation.  Generate certificates from your awarded submissions for easy printing.
  • - Many minor enhancements and feature requests.
  • - Added a 'Company/Organization' User Registration Field
  • - Awarded Submissions View.  Easily see which submissions have been assigned an award.


You can now add coupons to your calls fees.  Coupons are handy for a couple of use cases:
  1. Offering an discount for early registrations
  2. Offering a members only promo code
  3. Offering a 100% off coupon for pre-payment, in-person payments, check payments, and other necessities to eliminate the payment form.
Currently coupons (called 'Promo Code' on your calls front-end) work for all Booth, User, Submission, and Multi-Payment payment forms.


We've added the ability to generate certificates that can be easily printed for awarded submissions within your call.

User Field Addition

We've added a 'company' user registration field option to allow a user to also specify a company/organization name when registering for your call