Version 2.6 Released

Version 2.6 Released

We've just released version 2.6 which has quite a few enhancements.  A more detailed explanation of some of the more major features can be found below the shortlist:
  •     Added ability to customize the heading boxes background color and border (away from the default blue)
  •     Added 2 new call types: Art Festival, Art Exhibition
  •     Added 'booths' feature to Art Festival Applications
  •     Booth fees can be made after Application approval
  •     When logged in as Admin, sidebar will always be gray regardless of theme settings
  •     Brand new beautiful html email templates for notification emails
  •     Increased video, audio, & PDF file formats max upload size from 4mb to 25mb
  •     Submission attachment filenames are now pre-pended with the display ID
  •     Added several local currencies, allowing for international calls to specify call fees in their own currency.
  •     Allow editing of 'notified status' on submissions
  •     Auto embed of youtube, vimeo and other providers web urls into submissions view
  •     Added ability to de-activate user accounts
  •     Jurors cannot edit nor add new jurys after jury end date  


We've added many currencies, which enable international calls to specify the call fees in their local currency such as: pounds, euros, pesos, yen, etc.  The default currency is USD for all calls, but this is easily switched (and automatic currency symbol swapping occurs) in the admin panel

Art Festivals

We've added a new feature which enables more specific call types.  The first call type to get greater distinction is 'Art Festivals'.  Art festivals often times have booths and booth fees associated with the application.  When switching your call to a 'Art Festival' call, you get a new section called "Booths".  This enables you to specify as many different booth sizes and prices for (Artist, Vendor, or Performers).  Your applicants then choose a booth when applying for your call.  Applicants only pay the booth fee after the jury end date AND if they have been juried in (accepted).  

On the user side of art festival calls is a small change in wording.  Instead of the typical 'add a new submission', or 'my submissions'.  They see 'add a new application' and 'my applications'.  Essentially the word submission is swapped out for 'application' in most places.

HTML Emails

All of your calls email notifications to your users will now be sent with a beautiful minimal HTML email.  If the clients email doesn't support HTML email, we send a plain text email too.

URL Embedding

Many calls that accept non-standard types of submissions (think audio, game, website, or video based) entries provide a web url where the user links to an existing item.  If a user links to, let's say the user links to an existing YouTube video, we automatically embed that video directly in the submission view, so you don't have to click away from the website so view the item.


There are plenty of other enhacements to the theme settings and wording (such as the addition of a cog icon in the login drop-down area) to make the site more usable for both call administrators and call entrants.