Version 2.2 Released

We've released version 2.2 for which brings a few new requested features along with some bug fixes and theme improvements.  Below is a break down of what has changed.
  • Enhanced call archives, allowing for viewing multiple call archives without disrupting your current call.
  • NEW Exhibit Display Tag customization.
    • Customize the size, border, line items, position, padding, margin, background images, color and more!  Specify exactly what information you want on your individual tags from both registration and submission profile fields.
  • NEW Limit jury users to specific categories.
    • This features allows site administrators to limit Jury Users to only have access to specific categories for the Jury process.  Juror Users can have access to all one or any combination of cateogories.
  • Many Theme/settings improvements
    • We've re-arranged a few settings and enhanced some of the help dialogs

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