Version 3.9 Released

We've just released verison 3.9 of  The major upgrade in this version is a brand new front and backend template!  Below is the the shortlist of features:
  • Brand new front and backend template (new theme and enhanced prompts for users)
  • New custom field type Date (allows for date selection fields by month/day/year in common format)
  • New custom field options Limits (allows for max or min characters on custom fields)
  • Ability to sort Users by # of submissions (allows for seeing users without any entries)
  • Buying/Selling moving to ORG Sites
  • Org Sites - Mass email users across all calls
  • Org Sites - Selling of multiple artworks in a single transaction (cart style)
  • Org Sites - Single buyer information across all calls allowing your to track indefintely which buyers have purchased artworks
  • Org Sites - Membership management updates including public members profiles

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