Version 2.4 Released

We're ringing in the new year with another update for  This update brings a few fancy new features and enhancemnts, as well as user requests.  The biggest feature in this release is the ability to genereate QR codes on your Display Tags.  This is a handy way of enhancing your gallery.  Users can scan the QR codes on the display tags to see additional information about the artist or submission that is often too hard to print on the tags themselves.  Information such as artist statements, methods and such can be viewed on smart phones.  The additional information is also accessible is you're using the web gallery as well.

In addition to the QR code, we've given admin users the ability to change a users email address (when the wrong email was entered, or it needs to be updated) as well as added the 'average jury rating' column in the data export.

There are many minor improvements under the hood, but below is a quick digest of what's new and updated:
  • Added 'More Info' view with QR Code Scanning View
  • Added 'More Info' link to web gallery
  • Option to generate QR code images option on Display Tag printing view
  • Added ability for admins to change users email address (login name)
  • Added average jury score to exported data
  • Preliminary "login as user" scaffolding for admins
  • Theme improvements & fixes

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