Version 3.6 Released

Version 3.6 Released

We've released version 3.6, which several major features alongside many minor enhancements.  Jump to the bottom to get the quick overview of the changes.

Public Voting Feature

Calls can now enable 'public voting', which will enable any website visitor to the 'web gallery' page the option of voting for their favorite work of art.  This enables call owners an alternate jury method allowing for contests.  This can often create additional social buzz about a call.  Authentication is required through Facebook in order to vote.  Call owners can set the maximum allowed votes for each user, and can choose whether to show voting totals or not for each entry.

Booth Map Generation & Booth Options

Calls of the 'festival' type, which have applications associated with booth reservations can now create a public map of their booths for the festival.  The booths can be oriented to any manner and are automatically scaled to the correct dimensions and overlaid on-top of an interactive map.  Call owners can print this map for their registrants at sign-in day, and also provide a link on the call page where festival attendees can view the map in realtime.

Festival call types can now also add up to 3 'Add-ons' for booths that they set-up.  This allows for more control over customizing the booths, such as adding power requirement requests, wifi requests, and other similar requests that are optional add-ons to the booth.  Add-ons can be both free and paid.

New Juried Status

Our call for entry system has always featured two states of jury:  Juried In and Juried Out.  We've added a third type of jury (with an associated email template) which we call "Juried Alternate".  This is useful for call owners who may have an alternate list of entrants who may be accepted depending on cancellations, additional space etc.

Here's the shortlist of updates:

  • Ability to run public voting contest on web-gallery via Facebook authentication
  • Added 'Juried Alternate' designation and email template
  • Create customized Booth Maps with publicly viewable interactive Booth Map option
  • Ability to add optional 'add-ons' to Booths with associated pricing
  • Added 2 new mass email groups
    • Ability to mass email all users that don't have a submission
    • Ability to mass email all users with submissions that don't have an image
  • Separated buyer from user payment exports
  • Added 'Total Purchased Amount' column in buyer view
  • Added individual item purchased amounts in buyer view
  • Allow 'address line 2' to be empty