Version 4.0 Released

We've released Version 4.0 which brings several enhancements and features.  Also we're happy to announce we're making our "ORG Sites" offering completely FREE!  You can request ORG site setup and see all the features it offers under the "Organization Sites" tab of any call.  We've got plenty more features planned and currently under work for ORG sites!

Version 4.0 brings the following features

- Brand new web gallery template & options with large thumbnails and fully responsive template
- Ability to order submissions in web gallery
- Ability to customize which user / submission information appears under web gallery thumbnails
- Masonry style web gallery layout
- Ability for end users to filter web gallery by category
- Ability to public vote on submission detail view page
- Ability to add custom text to web gallery
- Search filter on open calls for entry page
- Duplicate back label instructions onto 'claim ticket' portion
- Ability to specifiy state on Call Settings
- New Judging workflow to easily award submissions (under Awards tab)
- Ability to set a award value field for an award
- Ability to limit number of submissions receiving a specific award
- Several small fixes and enhancements


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