Version 3.3 Released

Version 3.3 is a major update.  We've added some fundamentals to be able to allow calls to also enable member management.  We've introcuded the following new features:
  • Admin user can add users and new submissions for users after regardless of submission timeframe.
  • Ability to search by email or name on users view
  • Rename 'Media / Mediums' to 'Sub Category / Sub Categories'
  • Jury Scorecard (with unlimited scorecard criteria)
  • Pricing tiers for discounts after initial x entries (allows for scenarious of: 3 submissions for $35, each subsequent submission = $15)
  • Limit file types allowed for attachments
  • Print Select Display Tags
  • Coupon codes limited to either submission, registration, or booth
  • Wholesale transaction fee rate on Booth Fees & Buyer Purchases
  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes


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