Version 4.2 Released

We've released Version 4.2 which has the following features and updates.  As always, we're constantly implementing user featured requests and new features, so shoot us a message with any new features you'd like to see!
  • Rename "Registration Fee" to "One-Time Fee"  and "Submission Fee" to "Per-Submission" fee for better clarification between the two types
  • Re-worked User Registration workflow into 2 step process to help eliminate user errors
    • Users now register with their basic profile information for your call (email, password, etc).  They are then logged into your call where they'll update any 'custom profile' information.  User registration fees are no longer captured at this registration point, but rather upon clicking the 'add new submission' button.
  • New "My Jury Stats" view in Juror sidebar allowing jurors to see quick statistics about their voting averages & totals per category
  • New "Jury Estimator Tool" in Juror sidebar allowing jurors the same functionality as the "Admin -> Jury Estimator Tool"
  • Added physical "Checkout Out / Checked In" totals on Admin Dashboard page
  • Added ability for users to print entry fee receipts
  • Added Google Tag manager ID option
  • Enhancements to 'participating artists' page
  • Posting call image/logo alongside details to our social media pages
  • Posting all calls to our new Instagram account (@artcalls)
  • Many other theme enhancements and bug fixes


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