Version 2.1 Released

We've released verison 2.1 which brings two new big new features which were at the top of the feature request list.  They are namely:

Multi-Pay - The ability for users to pre-pay for xx number of submissions with one credit card transaction!
Tiered Pricing - The ability to have tiered (non-member versus member) pricing!

We've squashed a few bugs, added some smaller features, and enhanced the theme and user experience as always.  Check out the new features by logging into your live or demo call now!  We'll be enhacing the jury process in our next development cycle, so if you have any feedback for that process please shoot us an email with suggestions.

Here's the shortlist of changes:
  •     Ability to set your Timezone (All dates and deadline are then reflected/enforced in the timezone)
  •     Ability to set tiered pricing for Submission Fee!
  •     Ability to set tiered pricing for Registration Fee (Ex: Member vs non-member pricing)!
  •     MultiPay (Prepayment for multiple submissions) new feature added!
  •     Enhanced theme settings
  •     Fixed display of large text field data (such as artist statement or resume)
  •     Enhanced custom registration fields displays

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