Version 4.1 Released

Version 4.1 is hot off the press.  Here's the list of new features:

- New 'judge' user type with ability to view juried-in works, favorite works, and assign awards to submissions
- New 'Support Ticket' system for call admins to interface with support via the admin panel
- Track tickets, reply to tickets, request features, etc.
- New optional 'Support Tickets' for call admins to interface with users/entrants
- Added global user profile images (user no longer need to upload profile images for each call)
- Added global user social profile fields (allow users to specify: twitter, facebook, Instagram, linked in, and personal website) fields
- New ORG site theme (more in-line with current call admin theme)
- New ORG site "Event" type of free (users don't need to add any credit card details to register for free events)
- New ORG site print receipt option (with ORG logo) on all artwork purchases
- New ORG detailed buyer view with global buyers allowing admins to view purchases across all calls for single buyers

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