Version 1.5 Released

Version 1.5 Released

We've just released version 1.5 (we've been busy lately) and wanted to give a quick overview of the new features and changes to the online art call for entry system.  We'll start with the biggest feature.

Client Payment Integration

We've built in the ability (and requirement) to allow users to be able to set up their own payment gateway.  This will allow calls that feature entry or registration fees to collect them directly into their own account.  The processing of the fees still takes place on your secure SSL ArtCall website, but the entry fees go directly into your account.  There is no need for us to issue payment checks,1099's, or anything of the sorts.  You can request payout to your bank account whenever you like, issue refunds, and enjoy full control over your funds.  All transaction fees are subject to the credit card processing rates outlined inside of your calls admin area.

Payment Refunds

You can now issue refunds from directly inside of your call.  Issuing a refund will credit the full amount the user paid directly back onto their card, and generate and send them a refund confirmation email.  We have a new status key of 'refunded', which will show next to any submission which fees you've refunded.

New User Role 'Attendant'

We've added a new user role, which will be handy for certain scenarios.  The new role is assigned the same way the juror user roles are assigned.  Each 'attendant' will have access to view all submissions, print submission receipts, and mark submissions as 'received'.  The idea behind this role is that you could have a person who physically receives the submissions to your show, and they could mark them as received.  This way you know which entries actually physically made it, as well as know which user received the entry.  A new status key of ‘received’ will show next to entries that have been physically received.

Public Web Gallery

You now have the option to publish a public (meaning available to anyone who visits your website) gallery of all of the juried in submissions.  Simply 'publish' the Web Gallery page inside of your calls settings, and it will add a link to your menu bar to the gallery.  The gallery is un-published by default.  This gallery is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly and features touch/swipe navigation controls!  

Keyword Search

We've added the ability to search for submissions by keyword.  You can search for submissions by: submission id, first name, last name, or title.  A handy feature when you’re trying to quickly lookup a submission. 

We've added several other small cosmetic changes to the theme of your website and fixed minor bugs along the way too!  If you have any questions about the new release, just let us know in the contact form.