Version 2.8 Released

Version 2.8 Released

We've just pushed version 2.8 of's call management system.  This update brings quite a few significant features.  Below are the bullet points, with a more detailed explanation of some key features following:
  • Login as User feature
  • Mass email your users
  • Ability to hide any Submission field (even custom fields) from Jurors
  • Added QR code to submission receipt pages
  • Added ability to Delete users
  • Ability to scan QR code on print receipts to mark submissions as received (available while logged in as Attendant User)
  • Ability to mark submissions as 'Hide From Jury'
  • Added 'Art Exhibition' call type
  • Increased maximum attachments per application to 10 (or less if defined) for 'Art Festival' and 'Art Exhibition' call types

Login As User

This feature allows the call admin to login to any users account as that User.  You will see exactly what they see.  Admins will have full control over user details, can enter submissions on a users behalf and delete submissions if needed.  Admin users can also modify profile fields of users while logged in as a user.    With this feature, we've also given admins the ability to delete users if needed.

Mass Email

Our system has always featured emailing of users via specific triggers (user registration, user submission, jury in, jury out).  Our latest feature allows the call admin to mass email all of the users in a call arbitrary messages.  This is handy for reminding users to pick up artwork, or about upcoming dates and deadlines.  The feature allows you to pick specific groups of users to email as well, such as: Juried In Users Only, Users With Submissions Only, etc.  As we use a premium email service for our email delivery all calls get 500 free emails, with more available for purchase if needed.

Hide Submission Fields from Jurors

Our system features the ability to hide 'User Details' from Jurors, but on occasion there are bits of 'Submission Details' that you may want to hide from Jurors as well.  This is now possible.

QR Code Check In Scanning

We print the QR codes on the submission receipts now.  We have a new feature which allows the attendant users to use any smartphone with a QR reader to quickly scan the QR codes to check in submissions quickly!

Hide Submission From Jury

We've added a new submission status of 'hide from jury'.  An admin user can mark submissions as hidden, and those submission will not show at all for Jury users.

Increased Attachment Limit

We're now allowing up to 10 attachments (or less if you specify) per 'Application' for both 'Festival' and 'Exhibition' call types