Version 2.5 Released

Version 2.5 Released

We've released version 2.5 with a few new fancy features to make it easier for call for entry administrators to jury their art shows. Below the bullet list you'll find more detailed descriptions of the features of this release.

This update contains quite a few new features, which are outlined below:
  • Added ability to upload Audio files to submissions
  • Added ability to upload Video files to submissions
  • Added ability to upload PDF files to submissions
  • Removed "GIF" as a valid image upload file format
  • Renamed the 'Add Images' action to 'Add Attachments' to allow for multiple file types other than images
  • Added 'Average Jury Score' to data export
  • Added ability to accept arbitrary user payments
  • Fixed theme display when custom fields contained too many characters in several spots
  • Added new 'Jury Stats' view, to see average and total votes per category for each juror.
  • Added 'Jury Estimator Tool' for quickly assigning values to categories to get estimations on how many submissions are above various thresholds per category.
  • Many minor theme enhancements and clarifications

Marquee 2.5 Features

Multiple File Type Uploads

Users can now upload Audio, Video, and PDF files to their submissions.  We're limiting these submissions to the same Mb as image uploads, but may increase this with time after our testing phase. 

User Payments

Users can now pay arbitrary amounts at any time.  This is useful for when a user would need to pay an fee only if they are accepted into a call.  When logged in as a user, you'll see a 'make a payment' option in the login drop-down at the top right.

Jury Tools

We've added two new tools to help call admins with the jurying process.  The first tool shows jury statistics, which will show the admin user the average rating and total number of votes each juror user has logged in each category.  This is useful for seeing how the jury process is going, and to check on overall quality of submissions per categories.  It is also useful to see if particular Juror users are voting extremely high or low in particular categories.

The second tool is extremely helpful for the actual marking of submissions as in or out after the Jurors have juried the submissions.  With the 'Jury Estimator' tool, a call admin can punch in values and quickly get an idea of how many submissions in each category are above a certain threshold.  This is useful for calls that know how many total entries they can take, or want to jury in a specific percentage in each category.