Version 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 Released

We've released another update to our art call system.  We'll go over a few of the more significant changes and features in this post.  Should you have any questions, just shoot us an email.

Jury System

We've done away with out old (although beloved) 'in' and 'out' simple jury rating system.  While the system was very easy, it wasn't as flexible for more complicated jury processes.  The system now features a voting based system.  Each juror user will rate submissions on a simple 5 star rating system.  All of the votes for each jury user will be averaged for each art entry.  This system allows for more flexibility when jurying in or out the submissions.  Once the jurors have done their job at rating each submission, the administrator user can then mass mark either in or out all submissions per specific categories according to an 'average juror vote'.  For example I could mark all entries that are filed under the 'Photography' category as 'juried in' that have an average jury vote greater than 3.5.  I could then mark all entries that are filed under the 'Fine Art' category as 'juried in' that have an average jury vote greater than 2.9.  This jury system allows for each category to have it's own 'minimum score'.

Juror user can now also add an (optional) note/comment alongside each submission that they vote on.  Admin users can see all of the jury votes/notes for each submission.  Admin users can also make the jury 'anonymous', by hiding user details from the jurors.

Once the art submissions for your call have been juried and marked as 'in' or 'out', the admin user can then send the notification emails to the users.

Image Uploads

In the past each submission has been accompanied by one image upload.  Now we allow for up to 3 images to accompany each submission.

Print Name Tag View

We've added a new 'print name tag' feature which will generate a view that is handy for printing out hang tags for your entries when on display in your show.  It is best to use the latest Firefox or Chrome web browser when printing this view.  Only 'juried in' submissions will show in the name tag print view.

Image Exif Data

We now support image exif data!  If image exif data is embedded in the image (some images don't have it) we extract that data and display it alongside the submissions.  Image exif data shows meta data about the image and has common info such as: date photo was taken, camera make and model, exposure settings, ISO settings, etc.

We've updated the theme to better support browsers (especially mobile browsers) along with other minor bug fixes and improvements.