Version 3.0 Released

We've released version 3.0 of which features the following enhacements and new features:
  • Ability to accept .doc/.docx submission attachment file types
  • Ability to add additional 'Admin' users if needed
  • Ability to add half-star ratings to juror voting
  • Enhancements to 'Selling' artwork portals
  • Ability to add custom instructions on the 'add attachments' page
  • Ability to mass mark 'Hide From Jurors' on submissions
  • Ability to mass mark 'Pending Jury' on submissions
  • Added links to video/audio/pdf files on Web Gallery Page
  • Ability to randomize submission order for jurors
  • Added 'Buyers' view to see buyer data and associated submission purchases.
  • Ability to choose which attachment is 'featured' for web gallery, receipt print, and more info views
  • Minor bug fixes
All demo calls and live calls have automatically been upgraded to this release.  Video tutorials outlining the new features will be released withing the admin panel of all calls soon.

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