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A listing of some of the artist website features our system provides. See what makes different! Join today for free.

website templates

Professional Artist Website Templates Portfolio is not just a 'portfolio website'. It's an entire system built around helping you as an artist run your art business. Our system features many artist website templates with 10 color combinations for each theme! Our themes are fully responsive, SEO friendly, and feature the very lastest web technology.

sell artwork online

Social Media Marketing & Integration

Artists are encourage to link your own social media profiles directly into their theme settings in order to help promote and share your artwork. In addition to your own social media platforms, allows artists to market their artwork for free directly on our website and through all of our own social media platforms. We'll drive targeted traffic directly to your artist website and help promote your artwork with targeted audiences around the world!

sell artwork online

Sell Your Artwork Online

Selling your artwork is an integral part and feature that our website for artists have. e-Commerce is built into our platform, allowing artists to sell their artwork directly on their own website and accept online payments. Artists can also market their artwork directly on's global artwork marketplace allowing them to sell & market their artwork to a much broader audience. Listing on this artwork marketplace is free, and only a 15% commission fee (as opposed to 30%-40% which is common in galleries) is taken if the artwork is sold through our platform. There are no commission fees when you sell directly on your own website.

Virtual Point Of Sale

Not only do you get powerful e-commerce for your website visitors, but artsits & galleries can sell artwork (and any arbitrary item) in the admin console's virtual terminal. Are you at an artfair and need a way to sell your artwork and process the credit cards? Just use the virtual terminal! Need to charge for a specific item that isn't a traditional artwork (such as a consulting fee)? Just use the virtual terminal!

Event Management & Registration

Many artists need the ability to create events (such as painting classes) and have users be able to register, track enrollment, and make payments. Our pro package gives artists the ability to create an unlimited number of events, set event prices, set event registration cut-off dates, and accept payments direcly on your artist website! With the event management taken care of you can focus on the actual event, instead of worring about checks, capacity and other issues.

Art Inventory Management

Leverage powerful tools to track your art invetnory. Keep track of physical artwork lcoations and track artwork locatio history. Manage contacts and important art related documents such as: certificate of authenticity, artwork back labels, invoices etc.


Data is a key metric in helping you as an artist better understand your audience and their needs & wants. We've built in the ability for useres to track all of your artist website visitors direcly through Google Analytics. Users can quickly create a free Google analytics account and integrate that directly into your website. You'll be able to see metrics such as: number of visitors per day, number of pages viewed by each visitor, keywords used to find your website, location and time of day of each vistors, and many more. Sign up for Google Analytics Here


Did you know the average website costs $2,500 - $5,000 to build? Building a custom website with all of the features that we provide artists would cost upward of $15,000 dollars! Not only do we offer a free lifetime package, but our paid packages only range from $14 - $24 per month! Save the thousands of dollars and invest in a targeted platform built for artists. See the pricing plans here

Engage With Your Audience Via Newsletters

Each artist website comes with email newsletter signups. You'll be able to collect a following of users and direcly market and udpate them via email newsletters! All paid plans include the ability to send monthly newsletters to your subscribed user base! Email marketin has been proven to be a very effective tool at engaging and promoting your artwork.


Be part of the larger art community. All Portfolio artists (both paid and free) are part of the larger art community. We feature all of the members on our website, and have weekly rotation of featured artists. We run a 'pinterest' style page featuring the very lastest artwork from all artists using our platform as well as a blog and article network of new tips, industry news, and featured articles.

So much more

We've just touched on a few of the more major features of using our platform. Grab your free artist portfolio website today and see all that Portflio can do for you!