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Effortlessly Manage Your Call For Entry. features online entry submission software for art galleries, exhibits, festivals, & shows to effortlessly manage calls for entry.  Our art entry software allows for a custom domain name, sub-domain on, or embedding the system directly into an existing website!  The entry software features a robust online jury process, payment system, name tag generation, and complete customizable controls over your call for entry.  The easiest way to see what's call for entry management software can do for you is read the quick features overview, and sign up for a live free demo website!  Festival type calls should look at the additional Festival Management Software features for arts & craft festivals with booth registrations.
- cover photo by Samuel Yoo

Quick Overview

multiple attachments

Multiple Uploads With Each Entry

Each submission entered into your art show can have multiple media attachments. The system automatically creates 3 sizes of each image.

  • Large, Medium, Thumbnail sizes
  • Multiple Media Types
  • jpg, png, mov, mp3, pdf
  • Limit number of images per entry
online jury

Online Jury Process

Our software features a robust online jury process for acceptance or rejection of submissions into your exhibition. You can create as many jury users in your call as needed.

  • Jury voting history for each entry
  • Ability to make jury process anonymous
  • Customizable email notifications for jury results
  • Limit jurors to specific categories
submission fees

Entry & Submission Fees

The art call entry software allows for you to set up user registration fees, user submission fees, or both.

  • Fully Secured SSL connection
  • Tiered pricing (member vs non-member)
  • User prepayment for multiple submissions
  • Arbitrary user payments

Fully Customizable

Our system allows a great deal of customization, enabling you to set up your call just how you like.

  • Customize Entry Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Customize Registration Fields
  • Customize Submission Fields
  • Customize Site Colors & Theme
  • Customize Call Pages
  • Customize Email Notification Templates Categories

Call Timeline

1 plan

Set up your call settings, dates, email templates, receipts, pages, and required info needed from each user.

2 launch

Launch your call to your audience and advertise on site for free.

3 submit

Submissions roll in during your entry timeframe. Your users can also link their art portfolio site via's Websites For Artists management system

4 jury

Jurors jury the show based on your jury permissions & settings

5 notify

Following the jury you'll mass-mark submissions and send automatic email acceptance notificaitons to your users.

6 dropoff

When physical submissions are received, you'll mark them as such in the system.

7 display

You'll generate name tags using the name tag generator and set up your gallery space for display and reception.

8 export

Once your show is complete, you can export all of your user data and entry images for archiving. With a single click, you can transfer all of your settings for next years call!

Advanced Call & Jury Features

Your administration dashboard puts key data from your art call in diagrams and charts that are easy to digest. Get site graphs and statistics at a glance.

  • Call & Jury Stats
  • Custom Email Nofifications
  • Customize Call Theme
  • Ulimited File Space
  • Generate CSV Reports
  • Mass Jury Assignment
  • Jury User Permissions
  • Generate QR Codes
  • Online Web Gallery
  • Unlimited Call Site Pages
  • Free or Fee-based Entries
  • Custom User & Entry Fields


This software has changed our exhibition methods completely (in the best sense) and made it possible and easier for more educators to participate in our program. We might hit a record number of submissions using it this year and have certainly already managed to achieve a larger reach thanks to the ease of its use. It's also already proven to be HUGELY helpful for us from the back end, and we're looking forward to how much time it will save us coming up in the near future.

We're thrilled to be working with it this year and just wanted to communicate our gratitude to you and your team.

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The San Diego Museum of Art
You guys are the best!
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silpe gallery
You and your team are awesome.
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