Redwood City Portal Mural

Redwood City Portal Mural


Call Type Proposals / Public Art
Call Eligibility Local
Entry Dates 1/8/21, 12:00 AM - 1/29/21, 12:00 AM 1130 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Redwood City Portal Mural

2658 Broadway
Redwood City 94063 USA


Redwood City is seeking a talented local artist who is interested in designing and painting a site-specific, “portal” themed mural in Redwood City. Details below.

Project Name: The Portal (mural)
Summary: “Portal” themed, site specific mural on Commercial Way (alley) in Redwood City
Issued: 1/8/2021
Contact: jnewblanc (at)
Entry Deadline: 01/29/2021


Artists submit their portfolio/website/resume/cv by 1/29/2021. From those submissions, up to five artists will be selected to participate in a RFP process where they will receive a stipend for creating and submitting their designs. RFQ finalists will be announced by 02/12/2021.

Project Overview:

- Seeking an artist interested in designing and painting a new mural, which will be the next installment of our Commercial Way Mural Corridor project in Redwood City
- “Portal” will be the theme of the mural. The theme is intended to inspire artists to create their depiction of a portal that transports the viewers to another time, place, or mindset
- The “portal” theme plays off the alleyway’s use as an entrance or path into this area of downtown Redwood City. The alleyway requires vehicles to head directly toward this wall, before the roadway curves.


$10,000 for artist fee, design, materials, fabrication, and installation. $300 RFP artist stipend.


The site is the rear/side wall of 2658 Broadway (Pickled/RockSalt) in Redwood City, CA. The wall is approximately 45' x 20' (900 sq ft) and is located along Commercial Way alley. This wall, for the most part, has a single viewing perspective, which gives artists the ability to play with depth, shadow, or trompe l'oeil, if so desired. Viewers will be on foot or in vehicles directly facing the wall. During business hours, there may be vehicles parked in front of the wall. Several other murals are installed along Commercial Way and adjacent walls, with more planned.


o Must have designed, painted, and completed at least two murals
o Must be legally able to work in the United States
o Given covid-19 travel restrictions, artists must be within driving distance to Redwood City
o Redwood City council staff and their relatives and family members are ineligible
o Redwood City does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, economic status, or gender identity

Artist Evaluation Criteria:

The selection committee will use the following criteria to evaluate eligible artists:
o quality, creativity, & uniqueness of past work
o proven ability to execute
o ability to communicate through art
o strong organizational and communication skills
o willingness to collaborate with city and stakeholders
o ability to visit Redwood City for research and conceptualization
o availability to paint in mid 2021, following required covid-19 guidelines


All submissions must be electronic.
Send the following documents in a single PDF file to jnewblanc (at)
1) A brief letter of interest. Include your name, address, phone number, and email. Not to exceed one page in length. Some topics you may wish to include:
+ your approach to public art
+ your interest in this specific project
+ possible aesthetic directions or “portal” related narratives
+ what you bring to the project as an artist
+ experience with other projects of similar scope
+ sources of inspiration presented by the project
+ any other comments that might help differentiate you as a candidate.
2) Your professional resume/CV. Not to exceed three pages.
3) A link to your online portfolio and/or specific images of past works: Eight images maximum, with a brief description for each project including the title, size, and artists intent.
4) Professional references: Please provide email addresses for at least two professional references from past projects.

Expected Timeline:

- 01/29/2021 - Deadline submission
- 02/05/2021 - Committee review and select finalists
- 02/12/2021 - Finalists notified via email

Posted on: 1/11/21, 2:27 AM