What’s So Funny?

What’s So Funny?


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 1/14/21, 12:00 AM - 3/1/21, 12:00 AM 5 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (20.00)
What’s So Funny?

8371 n interstate ave #1
Portland 97217 United States


Accepting entries of visual art that makes use of humor/comedy. All mediums welcome. We’re in it for the laughs, and not just the kind we let out because it’s all gonna be okay. Sometimes we laugh to break the silence, to calm our anxious nerves, sometimes the Lynchian absurdity of everyday life makes us laugh until we cry. It’s all good. This is an exhibition focused around comedy. We’re looking for work that hits the funny bone, maybe a good one liner, some slapstick. It can be absurdist, cute and playful, tragic to the point of comedy, obtuse, ephemeral, performative, and everything and anything in between. It’s just got to be funny.

Posted on: 1/16/21, 10:22 PM