Art for a Healing Space

Art for a Healing Space


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility Local
Entry Dates 3/1/21, 12:00 AM - 1/1/22, 12:00 AM 230 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (0)
Art for a Healing Space
805 497 6200

166 N. Moorpark Road Suite 201
Thousand Oaks 91360 USA


Art for a Healing Space
David Lee Acupuncture Clinic
166 N. Moorpark Rd., Suite # 201 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805-497-6200
Artist and Venue Agreement
Art for a Healing Space utilizes the wellness center and acupuncture clinic of Dr. David
Lee as a gallery space for artists. Artists exhibiting their work agree to the following:
Art works will be on display for a period of three to four months (artist's choice).
Works must be framed (or if on a canvas without a frame, the edges of the artwork should wrap around the sides of the canvas, whether photograph, painting or collage, so that the edges are not white and unfinished). Works must be ready to hang with wire, not sawtooth hangers. Three dimensional art will also be considered if the treatment room(s) are able to accommodate them.
Works may be created in any medium. They should have a "feel" consistent with the spirit of health and healing; whether they be vibrant and colorful or soothing and calm, realistic or abstract, large, small or somewhere in between.
David Lee's philosophy embodies whole body health and honors all traditional wisdoms; therefore, we hope to offer this artistic opportunity to people from many cultural as well as artistic backgrounds. Your personal healing journey, the healing elements of nature, your culture's vision of healing, your artistic interpretation of the spirit world...all of these have a place of value and enrich the lives of those who encounter them.
Email submission of works for consideration:
Jpeg images of works should be submitted for consideration to OR please submit a pdf file with all of the works for consideration in one file. Please title the images with the name of the piece and the dimensions, and the price if the piece is for sale.
Sales of work:
Pieces may be for sale. Each piece should be accompanied by a descriptive card that will hang next to the piece. Artists will be responsible for making these cards. The cards should be approximately 3"x 3". They should be on white paper, and include the work title, one to two sentence description, artist name, and QR code with word 'sale' underneath. The QR code can display price, other extensive works, and the artist's story. Patients like to look at phones during treatment.
A buyer may purchase your art off the wall. They do not need to wait until the end of the show. The artist agrees to replace the piece with another suitable piece of work within two weeks of the time of sale. The office of David Lee will not seek a percentage of the profits. However, the purchase must be conducted with the artist directly, ideally,
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through a service such as VenMo or PayPal; or cash or check. In the event of a paper (cash or check) payment, the office will hold the payment for the artists' arrival with a replacement piece of artwork.
Art for a Healing Space will use social media and online news venues to announce the arrival of artist works, interview artists and promote their art. We encourage artists to also be engaged in promoting their participation in this endeavor.
Hold Harmless:
The offices of Dr. David Lee, while taking every reasonable measure to insure the safety and proper handling of your work, will be held harmless for any damage, theft or loss through a natural or man-made disaster, including but not limited to fire, earthquake, flood or acts of terrorism.

Posted on: 3/3/21, 3:44 AM