2021 Summer Exchange

2021 Summer Exchange


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 3/29/21, 1:00 AM - 6/1/21, 11:59 PM 45 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
2021 Summer Exchange


To send a postcard in the Digital Age is a simple, yet grossly underestimated gesture. It’s an acknowledgment that other people exist in the physical universe; what’s more, a postcard expresses a desire to reach out and connect with other individuals, no matter how great the distance might be between sender and recipient. The physicality of such an object - hand-scribbled notes, clumsily placed postage stamps, damage incurred in shipment - carries a rich narrative and establishes a profound, interpersonal connection that simply cannot exist in cyberspace.

As members of the Postcard Collective, we find many forms of value in making postcards for each other. They provide us with a new audience for our work; they challenge us to think differently about our studio practice; they serve as an opportunity to test new ideas and, in turn, inform our artistic endeavors outside the Collective. While we continue to participate in The Postcard Collective for different reasons, we are all driven by an undeniable human need to connect with others and stretch the limits of our creativity.

The Postcard Collective operates under a seasonal format, in which approximately 30 individuals participate in a themed postcard exchange once every three months. All participants send a postcard to each other as well as the Postcard Collective’s permanent collection. Postcards from the permanent collection are digitized and exhibited on the Postcard Collective website.

We are now seeking artists to participate alongside our membership in the upcoming postcard exchange, beginning July 1st. Applications for participation will be accepted until June 1st.

Participants are selected by Postcard Collective members based on their statement of intent and online portfolio (submitted via Call to Artists page on our website).

To be considered for participation, please submit the entry form on the Postcard Collective website:

Posted on: 3/28/21, 3:59 PM