On Media. Signals and Connections

On Media. Signals and Connections


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 4/7/21, 12:01 AM - 8/8/21, 12:01 AM 849 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
On Media. Signals and Connections

Rome/Milan 00154 Italy


Call for Exhibition ?Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. November 2021
Interactions with the environment are increasingly determined by technologies that allow humans to extend their senses, to perceive the world in its different layers of reality. They are the media, means of communication useful for transmitting information about the world in a different and more immediate way. These technologies favor exchange, approach and encounter with one another, and this is an organic approach that responds to a biological need in which our primordial instinct of union is made manifest, the connection between man and the whole - many philosophies try to give an answer to this topic.
Since the invention of the wheel to that of the radio, from that of the smartphone to that of the luminous neon, means that determine our relationships and at the same time testify to our being in the world, who we are and who we were.
This call would also like to be an invitation to detach from and to acquire an analytical vision of the relationship with the media, an observation that takes note of their presence and intrinsic function regardless of the use we make of them.
Submissions at http://bit.ly/loosenartcalls
Deadline 7th August 2021

Posted on: 4/6/21, 11:21 AM