Freedom for Free

Freedom for Free


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 5/11/21, 12:01 AM - 9/8/21, 12:01 AM 450 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Freedom for Free
Milan 20139 Italia


Call for Exhibition ?Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. December 2021
In the modern age we have rediscovered a concept of Freedom increasingly linked to the right to redeem something obtained in exchange for something else. The medium of exchange is money, a bypass for freedom that allows us to satisfy our desires, vices and needs.
It is the same invisible structure within which we lead our existence to propose the windows of freedom, a selection of products and services that summon us to rooms of pleasure, where the dormant senses are stimulated and reactivated to rekindle with our emotions, the only residues of our human nature, that also make us alive.
The protagonists of the art world, as well as any author of any form of free expression, were the first to understand the need to live beyond these structures. This call is an invitation to propose works that testify to this rupture, where freedom is obtained without any exchange, where it is not a product and it is priceless.
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Deadline 7th September 2021

Posted on: 5/10/21, 4:16 PM