Mirror in the Dark

Mirror in the Dark


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 5/17/21, 7:00 AM - 6/11/21, 5:09 AM 1136 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (22.00)
Mirror in the Dark

162 North State street
Chicago 60601 United States


Mirror in the Dark explores how flexibility is often used as a tool of resilience as the ebb and flow of life’s challenges are navigated through. The exhibition also examines previous responses to unexpected circumstances and crises. How have challenges affected your life? In what ways did you respond and how have those previous challenges created long-term impacts on how you handle crises? A particularly relevant question when reflecting on these ideas is ‘do crises ever completely leave us?’

When considering a metaphorical mirror, there is a complicated understanding of one’s reflection because of the distance from previous encounters and how they differ from more current experiences. With an understanding of how identity shifts in response to external change, how does a reexamination of those adjustments impact future responses? This exhibition examines how we are forever impacted by unexpected events and how the tools of resiliency that we build and utilize continue to play a role when dealing with current and future crises. We are seeking work that explores, and perhaps even challenges, the notion of resilience.

Guest Curator: Juana Williams is an independent visual arts curator and writer. She previously served at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, MI, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Her curatorial practice predominantly focuses on deconstructing complex, contemporary cultural issues and attempts to provide a dialogue within which these issues can be discussed. Williams is passionate about engaging communities, elevating diverse voices, and giving a platform to artists for innovative expression. She persistently advocates for supporting artists and preserving art-centered spaces.

We welcome artists of all background and experience levels to submit their work to this opportunity.

We accept the following visual mediums: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage, mixed media and installation art. Film and video are not accepted at this time.

5% of profits will be donated to Black Girls Who Paint, a global directory for Black women painters across the globe.

Deadline to submit: June 12, 2021

Posted on: 5/19/21, 10:22 PM