It's Magic. A Beyond Experience

It's Magic. A Beyond Experience


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 7/9/21, 12:01 AM - 11/8/21, 11:59 PM 13 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
It's Magic. A Beyond Experience

Rome/Berlin 00154 Italy


Call for Exhibition ?Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. February 2022
Magic is all that is capable of transforming the aspects and dimensions of the real world in fantastic ways, within a suggestive and ecstatic atmosphere. Art, art’s practice and its product are the first testimony of form and expression of this realization.
Since the Paleolithic age, symbols acquire magical and propitiatory purposes, thus establishing a contact with divinities: primitive men entered deep caves, leaving traces of themselves through a creative act, getting lost in another dimension and then returning to the real world. Perhaps a reference to the cycle of life, death, union, rebirth.
It is an innate human instinct to re-create and live out fantastic dimensions, where everything is connected with everything and where everything is possible.
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Deadline 8th November 2021

Posted on: 7/8/21, 11:04 AM