Art In The Fast Lane

Art In The Fast Lane


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 7/15/21, 12:00 AM - 8/21/21, 12:00 PM 1028 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (25)
Art In The Fast Lane

5417 Butler Street
Pittsburgh 15201 United States


Art In The Fast Lane seeks to showcase works that pay tribute to the art and culture of the great American automobile. Muscles, classics, rods, pickups, Harleys, suped-up, chrome wheeled, fuel injected, 4-banger, 6 banger, motors, engines. Art could also feature people: garage culture, greasers, racing culture, logos, pop art, and more. Work should capture the ideal of freedom and the spirit of the open road. ???? This is the final show of a 4-part summer series from Vestige Concept Gallery.

We are seeking National artists of any kind, from Emerging, Student, Mid-Career, and/or Professional. Work should somehow relate to the theme of the show.

"Art In The Fast Lane" In-Person opening reception will be held Friday, September 3rd, at 7 PM. Music and refreshments will accompany the event.

Please note: Vestige Concept Gallery adheres to very tight turnaround times on the shipping and handling of art. If interested in applying, please be ready to ship works, if accepted.

Posted on: 7/18/21, 5:07 PM