Material Shift

Material Shift


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 9/29/21, 12:00 AM - 1/1/22, 12:00 AM 230 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Material Shift

PO Box 7
Howes Cave 12092 United States


The Iroquois Museum (Howes Cave, NY) will open “Material Shift” in our main gallery on April 1, 2022. Material Shift is co-curated by Akwesasne Mohawk artist Margaret Jacobs and Iroquois Museum staff and will run through Nov 26, 2022. Jacobs expresses in sculpture, jewelry, and drawing. Her practice explores the tension and harmony between natural and manmade, often intermingling unexpected and contradictory materials to explore those relationships.
Material Shift will showcase work by Haudenosaunee artists who employ toys, food containers, bike reflectors, CD discs, and other unconventional materials to create traditional cultural objects and those who, conversely, use traditional materials such as ash splint, cornhusk, and antler to create popular (not necessarily functional) everyday items such as watches, skateboards, eye glasses, and cell phones. Works by emerging and established Haudenosaunee artists as well as artist collaborations are welcome and submissions can range from playful to provocative.
Located 45 minutes west of Albany, NY, the Museum hosts over 8700 US, Canadian, and international visitors annually.
Submission ideas (or images of finished works) requested by January 1, 2022. Proof of Iroquois tribal affiliation required. Approximately 20 artists will be represented. Selection and notification of acceptance will be made by Jan 15. Submission is not a guarantee of inclusion. Finished works need to be onsite no later than March 1, 2022. The Museum will cover costs of shipping or arrange for pick up. For additional information, please give us a call at 518-296-8949 or drop a note to the curatorial team at Image credit: "Rollback Rawhide" kastowa (headdress) by Mohawk artist Jay Havens.

Posted on: 9/28/21, 5:13 PM