2022 Antarctica Exhibition

2022 Antarctica Exhibition


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 11/15/21, 12:00 AM - 1/1/22, 12:00 AM 28 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
2022 Antarctica Exhibition

San Luis Obispo 93405


Secret Agenda Art and the Tasai Foundation are partnering to host the world’s first global art exhibition in Antarctica, as a part of the upcoming 2041 Climate Force Expedition. This record-breaking initiative serves as a way to bring people of all backgrounds together with the goal of helping to co-create a better world. In addition to bringing people from around the globe together, the Antarctic exhibition will serve as a one-of-a-kind intersection between art and science.

The world is changing in so many ways, which is why we believe great things can happen when we come together. What can we accomplish if artists and scientists unite for climate change? While scientists and scientific thinkers dominate the conversation on climate change and climate action, artists can offer creative solutions and spread climate change awareness to entirely new global audiences. Creating more opportunities for artists and scientists to collaborate can lead to increased awareness and innovation.

Expedition Details: Team Secret Agenda Art will join the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctica Exhibition (March 17 – 28, 2022), led by world-renowned explorer and sustainability expert, Robert Swan.

Selected works will be exhibited on the ship, Ocean Victory, as well as in temporary, pop-up installations on select shore excursions. The exhibition will feature original artwork produced on all seven continents. An important part of the exhibition will include education and outreach by way of virtual, interactive events hosted on a variety of social media platforms. The exhibition will also be live-streamed (as satellite signals permit) to a broad, global audience.

Please visit http://secretagenda.art/call-for-artists/ for complete information on this historic initiative.

Posted on: 11/15/21, 7:29 PM