International Call For Women Artists

International Call For Women Artists


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 12/5/21, 12:00 PM - 12/13/21, 12:00 PM 726 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes ($35)
International Call For Women Artists

International, Online
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As we live in the contemporary times, the definition of what “Home” means to each one of us has evolved. For some its the mother country far away, for some its the arm of their loved ones, for some its the dream they live everyday and for some it’s a place within.
We all are chasing our own meanings and connections.
But, what still remains constant is the warmth it gives & the safety it brings.
The year that has challenged, changed and evolved us all.
With this last call for 2021, We want to bring together this new definition, this new perspective of what “Home” to you means now.
These ideas can be inspired by the fairytales you read as a little girl, or an alternate reality you live in. The country that you feel belonged to or the love that makes everything fulfilled.

Posted on: 11/16/21, 6:51 PM