Podcast Guest

Podcast Guest


Call Type Unspecified
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 1/20/22, 12:00 AM - 6/1/22, 12:00 AM 363 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Podcast Guest


Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories is a podcast now in its second season of production. We are seeking guests to participate in a 45 minute interview. Potential guests can be anyone who identifies as Black or African American and from any occupational background.

Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories is a podcast exploring society, culture, and current events through conversation. We aspire to create an open, respectful, and equitable space where guests are free to share their truth and lived experiences. Our core values are rooted in community, connection, and personal development. Stories help us to relate, learn, and grow!
We are hereā€¦
To Listen.
To Take Notice.

Please visit our website to determine if our mission is a good fit for you. The podcast host is based in Seattle, Washington but the call for guests is open to folks from anywhere.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the host, Allison, directly at takenoticepodcast@gmail.com

Posted on: 1/19/22, 1:22 AM