LCC Photo dual exhibition call

LCC Photo dual exhibition call


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 5/29/22, 4:30 PM - 5/1/23, 12:00 AM 29 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
LCC Photo dual exhibition call

London SE1 6SB United Kingdom


The open call of dual exhibition ‘Tangible Perception’, situating the spectator in an immersive space, infused with projection and sound. The two artists-Sonia and Zen, current students from BA Photography at LCC, UAL as curators are looking for a funder to fulfill this exhibition. The exhibition itself is a spatial installation, an immersive experience of sensory scenes; takes place in a black & white space, and through this show, the artist hopes to guide people through the process of emotional interaction and transformation of consciousness that will be the real value of the exhibition. When you gaze intently at any one thing you can find that it creates an almost divine meaning. Why is it that "there is no lack of beauty in life, but a lack of eyes to find it"? Each of the two spaces in the exhibition has its own unique energy field, and each work has its own energy field, and so does the viewer. The energy fields of the space, the work and the viewer intermingle, creating a connection--the flow of energy between the three. The show can be open to all ages but ideal audience age is 15+.

Exhibition description:
The dual exhibition Tangible Perception brings together the works of Sonia and Zen, that situates the spectator in an immersive space, infused with projection, sound and performance. The title suggests a contradictory tone of the abstract ‘perception’ but being tangible and solid; the immersive way of presentation challenges the tangibility of perception in the senses of viewers.
Whilst perception also refers to Stream of Consciousness, a term mostly used in literature which describes the notion of a stream of thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind, the artists’ common subject depicts the automatic/intuitive human emotions, focuses on the ‘inner state of mind’. The ‘tangible’ twist on perception is rather a physical experience within the exhibition space, where viewers can form their own association. The two artists both used ‘poetic object’—situating daily objects in nature from a different perspective. Borrowed from Freud’s ‘psychic automatism’—a physiological term that describes bodily movements which are not consciously controlled. In terms of duality, the exhibition space is in two separate rooms, juxtaposing black and white/light and shadow. Between, the black curtains connects the two projects under a theatrical and cinematic atmosphere.

Zen’s Carpe Diem is a set of looped video projected onto framed canvases. The unique displacement gives a sense of the ‘freeze-frame’, blurring out the border between painting and digital media. The subject, shadows of flowers and leaves represents transient moments of emotion, whereas the ‘framed’ form helps to enlarge the subtleness of the objects. The Latin title Carpe Diem tells us to sense and seize the present, that is momentary but we cannot ignore.

In Sonia’s Underwater series, there is a sense of uneasiness that we feel in life. She situates an organism—tremella mushroom in a fish tank, and creates illusory dreamscapes from a macro-micro perspective. In the short film, she used sounds of water to narrate drowning and breathing. In the exhibition, her own performance dance is a monologue, personifying the mushroom blossom. The video is projected over the live dance, overlaying the narratives. Dancing with white silk, both fabric and body are fluid as brushstrokes.

This collaborative exhibition proposal has a common theme relating to consciousness derived of the individual projects. The immersive atmosphere gives viewers a first-person narrative mode to think of their own state of mind, which offers them an emotive sensory experience through the works. This collaboration gives a chance to design, curate and imagine a best suitable presentation of the artwork in one exhibit space, which together helps to build more impact in order to reach a greater audience. The 3D mockup is a professional approach that drafts a path for our future art career. The project proposal is realised as a 3D mock-up generated on Sketch Up, with uses of installation, projection and live performance; available at:

Posted on: 5/29/22, 3:17 PM