London Open Art

London Open Art


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 9/5/22, 3:07 PM - 9/30/22, 3:07 PM 242 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (120)
London Open Art



Our London art gallery is based in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse places in the country!

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for consideration. You are welcome to submit works in any medium. (painting, photography, printmaking, video art, installation, films, sculpting, mixed media, poems, illustration, etc). The theme of the exhibition is OPEN.

With the option to show either physically or digitally, the process of having your art on our wall could not have been easier!

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work. There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work with us.

Please note, the participating fee of £180 for physical works is per artist and not per artwork.

Similarly, the participation fee of £120 for our digital screen, is a flat fee per artist and not per artwork

If you are not able to physically send us your work, with pictures of your physical piece (canvas, sculpture, etc) we are still able to digitally hang it on the wall with a massive 65” screen.

Or if you find that your work is naturally better suited for the screen (video art, digital illustration, photography etc), we can similarly include this on our screen.

Posted on: 9/5/22, 2:08 PM