City of Reno - Pioneer Center Artistic Bike Rack

City of Reno - Pioneer Center Artistic Bike Rack


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 11/9/22, 11:07 AM - 1/31/23, 11:07 AM 310 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
City of Reno - Pioneer Center Artistic Bike Rack
(775) 326-6333

Reno United States


The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts and City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission invite you to submit your proposals for a bike rack to be installed on the E.L. Cord Plaza at the Pioneer Center in Reno, Nevada.

Submit your proposals online through Submittable by January 31, 2023 to be considered for this commission.

The Pioneer Center is seeking proposals from artists or artist teams for up to 2 artistic bike racks. These pieces will be creative placemaking streetscape elements. Materials proposed must be able to withstand weather and urban environment. Purchase price for each bike rack will be $2,500 each. Up to 2 artists may be selected for 1 bike rack each, or 1 artist for 2 bike racks. Artists/teams are allowed to submit up to 2 different designs.

General Area:

The Pioneer Center is located at 100 South Virginia Street between Mill and State Streets. This area of downtown Reno features four historic buildings across from one another and includes a variety of restaurants and shops. The Pioneer Center opened for business in 1968 and has been the premier facility for the performing arts in northern Nevada ever since. We host over 100 live performance events, with attendance of approximately 100,000 patrons, each year. A local landmark of mid-century modern design, the Pioneer Center is listed on the National, State, and City of Reno Historic Registers. Our unique geodesic gold dome was intended to express an unbounded optimism in Reno’s future by the original designers. The Pioneer Center is often referred to as “The Golden Turtle” but takes its name from the statue “Humanity” on the northwest corner of the plaza, which has stood on this block since 1939 (this site was previously home to the State Building).


The artistic bike rack will be attached to the planter/stairwell wall on the southwest corner of the E.L. Cord Plaza, to the right of the concrete bench. It cannot be bolted into the ground. (See website for image of location.)


The entire bike rack should not exceed 130 inches in length, 32 inches in height, and 24 inches in width.

Artistic Bike Rack Qualities:

· Must be an original, artist-designed bike rack created for permanent installation
· Must be functional
· Must be sturdy and deter vandalism
· Must fit in the designated location and not impede the bench, awning, or walkway
· We are open to considering all designs. The design does not have to be “performing arts” themed or “dome” themed, though it may be if the artist chooses to take inspiration from those themes.

The Artist Selection Process:

Artists/teams submit proposals.
A Committee will select up to 2 specific bike racks to be commissioned.


January 31, 2023 - Submission due online through Submittable.
Mid February 2023 - Bike rack submissions are juried and a winner is recommended by the Public Art Committee & Pioneer Center members. The Pioneer Center Committee will make the final selection.
February – April 2023 – Artist will fabricate bike rack.
April 2023 - Artwork installation.

For more information about City of Reno programs, visit For questions on submitting through Submittable, please contact system administrator. For questions regarding the call, please contact City of Reno Arts & Culture Manager, Megan Berner, at or (775) 326-6333.

Posted on: 11/9/22, 7:10 PM