International Call for Artists: Public Sculpture or Installation

International Call for Artists: Public Sculpture or Installation


Call Type Proposals / Public Art
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 12/30/22, 9:47 PM - 1/23/23, 5:00 PM 320 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
International Call for Artists: Public Sculpture or Installation

39 Main St, Suite 9
Saranac Lake 12983 United States


The Village of Saranac Lake in New York is seeking proposals from any professional artist or artist teams for a Sculpture or Installation for Riverfront or Prescott Park on the shoreline of Lake Flower. The intention of the project is to enhance the park experience without distracting from the original purpose of the parks of providing green spaces for the community. Artists are encouraged to consider the Village theme of “Decidedly Different”, and the culture and history of Saranac Lake, but it is not required.

About Saranac Lake
Named for the three Saranac Lakes, the Village of Saranac Lake borders Lake Flower, part of the Saranac River. The largest community in the Adirondack Park, Saranac Lake boasts a population of over 5,000, and hosts thousands of visitors every year to both summer and winter events. First settled by Europeans in 1819, logging and hunting were the primary industries until Dr. Edward Trudeau founded a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1884. The clean, dry mountain air that soothed the patients led to the “Cure” Cottages, still seen in the Village with their many porches. Today, Saranac Lake is known for the Winter Carnival and Ice Palace, a lively cultural scene, year-round outdoor sports and a picturesque setting in all seasons for visitors.

About the Project
The Village of Saranac Lake is seeking an artist or team of artists to create a permanent artwork to be installed along the shoreline of Lake Flower. The proposed work may be sculpture, statue, installation, monument, earthwork or landscape-oriented artwork. The artwork should meet the following criteria:
·Durable and visible through four seasons
·Prominent dimensions and features visible to pedestrians on the street-side sidewalk
·Cohesive with the existing lake and landscape
·Safe and easily maintained
The proposed artwork may reflect the theme, culture or history of the Adirondack Park or Saranac Lake, but it is not required. Proposed sites are used by the public, including children, and subject matter should be appropriate. Hands-on, interactive, or kinetic aspects will be considered but are not required. All public artworks in Saranac Lake are exposed to extreme weather variables and physical stresses and could be subject to vandalism. Artwork cannot be in the water or impede the sidewalk bordering Lake Flower Avenue. The artwork should be fabricated of durable, low-maintenance materials. At this time, no electricity is available at the site, and Adirondack Dark Skies should be honored.

The budget for the artwork is $10,000 all-inclusive for artist’s fees, materials, fabrication, delivery, transportation, liability insurance and any other costs associated with producing and installing the artwork. Applicants should contact Jamie Konkoski at with questions about installation or equipment needs. Artists may have accommodations provided during installation.

The Proposed Sites
Lake Flower is a 300-acre lake created as an impoundment of the Saranac River. It is the only lake within the borders of the Village of Saranac Lake. It is the site of the Willard Hanmer Guideboat & Canoe Race in July, the finish line of the 90-Miler Adirondack Canoe Classic in September and the source of the ice for the Ice Palace, built on the shore of Prescott Park every February during the Winter Carnival. Riverfront Park is situated just northwest of the Boat Launch, between Lake Flower Avenue and Lake Flower. The Village Improvement Society (VIS), founded in 1910 by 10 women of the village, took the proposed vision of the Olmstead Brothers (of Central Park, NYC fame), and made it into a reality, eventually establishing 10 parks within the Village boundaries. Some of those parks are still maintained by the VIS. Prescott and Riverfront Parks are now preserved by the Village of Saranac Lake, continuing the mission of VIS of providing green spaces for community enjoyment.

Application Requirements
Applicants will submit up to 20 digital images of at least 1200 pixels on the shortest side, with at least six completed artworks (different views or construction drawings may be submitted), a detailed image list, a CV, and a statement of interest no longer than 2,000 characters. An image of a proposed work for this project is helpful but not required, as works in progress or concept images are acceptable. From these applications, the selection panel will choose up to three semifinalists. The selected artist or artist team for the project will confer with and get approval from the Selection Panel and Saranac Village Board on final design issues and placement.

This call is open to national and international artists and teams. Applicants should have a record of successfully completed projects at larger dimensions; however, emerging public artists will be considered if their demonstrated work and proposal are strong. Applicants should be 18+.

Selection Criteria
A Selection Panel consisting of the Village of Saranac Lake Arts and Culture Advisory Board, Downtown Advisory Board, and Parks and Trails Advisory Board members will review proposals and select a finalist. The selection panel may seek public input after narrowing down finalists.

Deadline for Proposals: January 23, 2023
Selection of Finalist March 30, 2023
Village Board Approval April 10, 2023
Notifications sent to Artist(s) April 12, 2023
Installation Complete September 30, 2023
Applications may be submitted as a zipped folder to with ArtistName_Park as filename.
Email questions to Jamie Konkoski at
Link to project page, including maps:

Posted on: 12/31/22, 2:51 AM