Szerelem Artist Promotion Program

Szerelem Artist Promotion Program


Call Type Continuous
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 5/29/23, 6:48 PM - 12/30/23, 6:48 PM 25 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (33)
Szerelem Artist Promotion Program


Our artist promotion program is based on three deliverables.

Firstly, the idea is to help artists by creating an art review (in a video form) that can provide insights into one's method and creative perspective. The idea is to help creative professionals rebrand themselves in front of buyers, gallerists and their respective audiences. It's almost like a marketing video that is intended to help with improving online engagement for growth and potentially art sales. After the review video is complete, it will be published in our instagram+linkedin+youtube platform and sent to the artists for their own use. It also means that the artists will own the digital asset.

Secondly, all participating artists will be featured in our next edition of artist catalogue with an extended review of their work. Last edition, we featured 35 artists from 22 nations with a variety of style and methods. The artists will receive a free pdf copy of the catalogue, whereas it will also be available for purchase online. The published catalogue will be promoted in different social platforms and sent to galleries and art stakeholders around the world.

Thirdly, all participating artists will be featured in our website with a profile linking to their social page and website. Interested artists will also have the option to list their works for sale through our website for no extra fees. We will facilitate the process of purchase without charging any commission or fees. All participating artists will also have access to exciting creative projects throughout the year.

The fee of USD 33 is a yearly subscription that can be renewed and includes everything mentioned above. With renewal of the subscription, artists will receive a fresh listing in our artist catalogue, a new perspective of review based on their work in a video form and continue to enjoy access to artist projects and website listing.

We started this program after realising that many artists do not have the time and expertise to create marketable content for their social media and website. Our aim is to create a community of artists that can attract genuine audiences from all over the world.


1. Drop us a message in our instagram page and we will guide you through the entire process


1st Step: Go to and click "subscribe" button at the end of webpage to pay for the promotion fee of USD 33. You can also find program details in the page.

2nd Step: We will get back to you as soon as possible both via email and instagram messaging to fetch your details and artwork. Your review video will be published within 48 hours. For the catalogue, we will send you a different form once we are ready to publish our next edition later this year.

3rd Step: We will send you the video file via email which you will own and can use for marketing and engagement purposes. We will also get in touch to invite you over different activities with artists across the world.

Our payment systems are very safe and you will receive a receipt in your email after completing the purchase. We will refund your fee if we cannot publish your video within our time-frame. If you have problems with payment contact us via instagram or email

For details or queries contact us via email or drop us a message in our instagram page.

For examples of our review videos

Artist profiles from our latest catalogue

Posted on: 5/30/23, 8:49 AM