Digital Art: (TheWrong Biennale)

Digital Art: (TheWrong Biennale)


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 6/12/23, 1:36 PM - 7/25/23, 11:59 PM 136 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Digital Art: (TheWrong Biennale)



What’s the oldest file you created in your computer?

Where is it?

When was it created?

When was the last time you visit it?

Do you remember what was it for?

What was the context? The people involved, the time of the day, the place where you at…

How much can you recall? What’s missing? What’s displaced? How does it feel?

We call upon all owners of digital-memories to contribute their old media files — those fragments of the past that have become estranged from their original context and memories. We encourage you to interpret [] with an artistic approach to your digital anchors of memory, construct branching spaces in the connection between browsers, weaving the path to the forgotten bits, breathing new life into them in a collective journey.

[] will be an online pavilion for The Wrong Biennale, November 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024.

- Submission Link:

- Deadline: July 25, 2023 23:59 EST

- Curators: @blinkingcaret @ss.syan (instagram)

Posted on: 6/20/23, 5:37 PM