Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 9/22/23, 9:41 PM - 10/15/23, 9:42 PM 279 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (12)


What does the future look like to the artist?

Ancient and recent history have saw artists become the catalysts of change that lead the way through various political, cultural and socio-economic developments; with the most recent and controversial development being the introduction of NFTs and digital art into mainstream society.

Alongside this interconnected relationship between artist, artwork and their society, the artist uses the visual cultural means available to them. The process of creating, of finding peer support, or any sculpted form become dependent on the level of development of the society the artist occupies.

While NFT itself may be considered a certain type of object, specifically blockchain or crypto art, what NFT and digital art actually means is the technological element assigned to any type of media that links it to a blockchain, rendering it permanent and unique.

This advancement has altered the way people share concepts. In our digital age, the process of verifying an action or origin is unique. This also empowered creatives to disseminate their digital expressions independently. The rigid walls between the artist, gallery, and buyer dissolve because of the possibilities presented by the blockchain and virtual platforms.

However, this exhibition is not limited to NFT and digital art but rather, the artists vision of the future. This could look at other advancements in technology, socio-political or the future self. Some things to consider is how do artists identify the main evolutions of contemporary society? It could be by exploring aspects of world globalization, local and international community fracturing, the environmental crisis, telecommunications, transhumanism, robotics, digital storage, the future of material production or artificial intelligence.

Accepted mediums are high-quality and vibrant images of printmaking, digital art, painting, mixed-media, drawing, generative, AI art, performance art stills, word and GIF art. Large video files cannot be accepted but links to online videos will be considered.

Selected artwork will be featured on The Wall Space Gallery website, Instagram page and virtual exhibition.

Deadline: 15th October
Exhibition: 1st November 2023 - 1st January 2024
Fee: £10

Only selected artists will be contacted.

Posted on: 9/22/23, 8:43 PM